And here are the pics

I told you that I would have pics and here they are…

Let me introduce a few of my pets.

This is the newest addition to the family…his name is Bruiser and if you couldn’t already tell he is an english bulldog. He sits here like he’s so innocent, but he’s really not. There will be plenty of stories about him later.

And this is Buttercup. This is my baby. She is a cross between a Sharpei and a Bassett Hound. Isn’t she cute? She unfortunately has to tolerate Bruiser, but she handles it pretty well.

And now for the goods…

Here are two crochet purses I did and the pattern is here. These move very fast. I did one a day for 2 days at work and still had time to spare. Miss Freda really enjoyed them.

Here is the before/after of the felted cell phone holder I did for my mom. She loved it! But as you can tell this color did not felt that well.

If you look at some Miss Tonia did in other colors you can see the difference. This was done in Galway yarn and I cannot remember the color but it’s kind of an olive green with speckles in it.

Here is the before/after of the felted purse I did. The pattern is here. It turned out real good.

Well, that’s all I have for now. I have done other projects (like scarves for my girls) but I will have to get them to model for me. And there are other things I have done and gave as gifts but that was before I thought I would enjoy knitting this much. It has become more of an addicition than anything. There is always something more challenging to get into. I think I’m going to try my hand at socks next. Wish me luck.


My first day

Hello, today is my first day on this new blog (as you can tell). Miss Tonia (my very dear friend) showed me this blog site and I liked it…alot. So here I am. As you should have known by the title, I like to knit. So once the computer and camera stop fighting I will put some pics up for you to see. Oh yeah, Miss Tonia’s site can be seen here. So here’s to many happy blogs. C-Ya.