All Moved In….Well, Almost.

Well, I did accomplish getting everything out of the ex’s house (I think). And I have one more load of boxes at my mom’s house and I should be done. Now comes the fun part….unpacking. I bet our new neighbors are wondering where everything is going to go. Between Miss Tonia and me we have enough furniture to furnish an old farm house, the pole barn, and then some. With all of the Tupperware between us, mind you…we were both Tupperware sales ladies at one time, we are going to have to sit down and go through and see exactly what we have and decide if it will all fit in the kitchen. For the most part this weekend went pretty well. If you call being sore all over and not being able to move okay. I am hoping to locate exactly where I packed that blasted camera so I can take some pics to put on my blog. I have been looking since Saturday and still no luck.

Onto knitting news…
I think I had mentioned that I had a pair of socks that I was working on…well I frogged the whole thing. 1. I don’t like the texture of the sockotta yarn and 2. the whole hour glass heal with the “yo” is tricky when you are only half paying attention to what you are doing. So now I have some unloved sock yarn to get rid of. I have also seen alot of talk about the secret pal thing and am waiting for #8 to start so I can join. That sounds like alot of fun. I am also waiting for the Knitting Bloggers ring to open back up to new members so I can join. I have never really been into keeping journals or reading much of anything but this blogging stuff has sparked a little bit of an interest in reading (yes Miss Tonia, you have it in black and white). But as I read other peoples blogs, I notice that there are alot of comments on a daily basis. Now I wonder how many people…if any, read my blog. So if you are reading this please be kind and give me a little shout out to let me know you’re there. Not that my life is interesting in any way to anyone but myself but I’m just kinda nosey. So if you are out there…I hope to hear from you. Thanks and I’ll C-ya!


Movin’ on in

The day has finally arrived! It’s move in day:) So Miss Tonia and I are leaving the office today at 1130 to go sign the lease and then the fun begins. I can’t believe it, this day arrived faster than I ever imagined. It’s going to be a whole new world for me. Yeah, I know I’ll have the support of my great friend Miss Tonia but I am leaving a relationship that I have been in for over 12 years. I was in my comfort zone…or so I thought. But everything will be fine. We are splitting on good terms (even though he’s a cheat), and besides, we might as well get along since we have to beautiful girls to take care of and raise.

Well, it may be Tuesday before I get to update again, since we are both off on Monday to get all settled in. But hopefully I will be able to power my camera up and take some pics and post them.

Until then. C-ya.

OMG It’s Almost Movin’ Day

Ok, thought I’d copy of off Miss Tonia and show ya the old place and the new place…

Here is where I currently live…that is until Friday 2/24/06. I should be able to move everything that I’m taking with me out all on one day. That way I can help Miss Tonia on Saturday.

And this is where I will be moving to. And nope, that’s not my car. This pic was taken in 2004. Yeah, I’m losing a big back yard but at the same time I am also getting rid of a full time headache (that would be the ex). Besides, this place is more up to date and if it breaks…I don’t have to pay to get it fixed…Whoopee:)~

As far as packing goes, I think for the most part I am completely done. I have made my list of furniture and items that I need to take. But that is all for the day I move. I really cannot do much more. Tonight I am breaking down beds, 2 twins and a king. And most likely will pull the dressers out that I am taking and sweep where they were. Then go downstairs and take the cushions off of the couch, love seat, and chair and shrink wrap them together just to make moving day alot easier. The rest will have to be done the day of the move (Friday) since it’s all essential items, like the alarm clocks, toiletries, bedding, and animals. Can’t forget my pets.

But tomorrow I will head back to Miss Tonia’s house to help her break down her girls bunk beds…it’s definately a 2 person job.

Hurry up Friday…I just want this weekend to start so it can end. I just want this to go as smooth as possible. That way when I’m sore on Sunday, I’ll have Monday to recoop. C-ya.

Just 7 More Dayz!!!

We get the keys on Feb 24th! Woo Hoo! We have taken a half a day off for that Friday and all day the following Monday. We should be able to get everything moved in and at least start the unpacking frenzy. Fun, fun. I have reached the point at where I am just running room to room making sure that everything that belongs to me, goes with me. I don’t want to leave anything behind. Starting Tuesday of next week I will start tearing down beds. I just can’t wait for this all to be over with. I wish I could afford someone to move me…that would be so nice. But I can’t so I won’t. Oh, by the way…the we I am referring to is me (of coarse) and Miss Tonia.

Oh, yeah…we ordered some yarns off of knit picks on a Wednesday and the very next day it was on the front door step. Ironically, we just happen to live in the same city as the distribution center for their yarn. It is actually less than 1 whole mile from our house. I think it’s purdy cool to have next day service for yarn. That means I could be sicker than a dog and order yarn and have it the very next day for no extra charge. Now that’s the kind of medicine I’m talkin’ about!!!

Gotta go for now. C-ya

I Survived Valentine’s Day

Thank god the horrid Halmark holiday is over. Don’t get me wrong, I love celebrating it with my girls. That was great. But I’m still in a situation where I am living with “the ex”. We get along fine for the most part, but because he has decided to already involve himself in another relationship (fool), that I should mention has been a secret for the past 5 1/2 years (yep, that’s right, he was cheating) and wants to go spend time with the WH_ _ _. It kind of makes the time go a bit slow. I don’t mind the peace and quiet at all, it’s kinda nice. But you would think he would have enough respect to postpone a quiet evening alone with her….after I move out. (yeah, right). Anyway, now that I got that off of my mind I feel alot better 🙂 Besides, the best revenge is to not get revenge at all. It will all come back on him all by itself.

On a better note, I am almost completely done packing!!!(YIPEE) Miss Tonia and I almost have all of the bills setup for our new home. Once we are all moved in, I’m sure you will see some pics. But for now, I have packed my knitting and camera away. I can hear it in the box calling my name but I have to ignore it for now or I’ll never get done packing. That will be my gift to myself once I’m all settled in. I’ll sit down and knit to my hearts content.

Well, since I off loaded such a big pc of my life in 2 small paragraphs I’ll go for now. C-ya

Are we there yet?

I have 2 1/2 rooms to go… That would be my girls’ rooms and the the rest of the kitchen, with a few little closets here and there to get what I have organized put into open top totes or just carefully carry it piece by piece so it don’t get damaged. Once I complete my packing I’m headed over to Miss Tonia’s to start on her place. This past Saturday we spent in her basement making piles…the toss pile, the donation pile, and the keep pile. Oh my gosh, I feel like I’m on the show Clean Sweep. Needless to say the toss pile is winning by a land slide. (Good job!) Hold on, the toss pile if it keeps going, is going to cause a land slide. But we only made it half way through the room in the basement. We’ll finish that up this weekend. I should be done by then. Well, I have to get some more work done know. C-ya!

24 days…and counting!!!

It seems like all I do is pack. It is amazing to me that in a time span of 5 years (or more) that I could have accumulated this much stuff. But on the brighter side, I think I’m nearing the finish line…or at least it isn’t far off. Then everything else will have to wait since it will just be the big stuff left to move.

I am still working on my first sock and haven’t gotten that far. Yesterday I took a picture of it to download onto my blog and for some reason the camera and computer wouldn’t talk to each other so I couldn’t get my picture. I tried it again this morning and the batteries died on my camera so it will have to wait. The first thing on my mind right now is getting ready to move. I figure once I get all settled in, then I’ll treat myself to a full day of knitting. That sounds like a great reward to myself for a job well done.