Sleepy Monday

I am so tired today. I can barely keep my eyes open. And it doesn’t help when other around me yawn out loud. Just talking about it makes me yawn. Well, anyway…I just wanted to update the move in situation.

This past Saturday, Miss Tonia and I went to get what we thought was the last load out of her old place and….well…3 trips later we were done. We actually had to bribe ourselves to complete the task at hand by rewarding ourselves with some food when we were done. Tee Jay’s is were we ended up and I think we both would have rather ate at home. At least the service would have been better. It’s been a while since I had been to this location and I don’t intend on going back anytime soon. Later that night, Miss Tonia and her girls ended up at the movies with her aunt to watch Chicken Little. I also ended up at a different theater with my girls and one of their cousins and we saw Nanny McPhee. It was a very cute movie.

Now back to the knitting…I just started a pair of Pink Ribbon socks. I just casted on and made one round so far so I really don’t want to take a pic of just a row of K1P1. Once I get a little further I will show you. I also will be starting a baby blanket here soon. I was asked if once I started it…if I could finish it within a week. I will put forth all efforts to do so and hope I can accomplish it. C-ya


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