Friday Again

YAY! Another weekend of beautiful weather!!! That means open up the windows and let the fresh air in. Or at least what we believe to be fresh air.

Last night, while the kids were with their dad…I went to Sutherlands. Kind of like a small version of Home Depot or Lowes. Just a bit closer to my house plus they usually have great sales. Well, hot damn…they did. I found 4″ perinnials for under a $1. WOO HOO! Flowers here I come. So I went ahead and picked up a few. I have pics but the camera is on charge right now so I’ll get them up later. It’s not much really. But to be able to play outside in the dirt and arrange flowers the way I want with a helpful hand from Miss Tonia of coarse is just so peaceful. Gotta have my rubber gloves though. I have this horrible thing with textures. I can’t stand to touch alot of things with my bare hands but give me some surgical gloves and I can touch anything…well almost anything (get you minds out of the gutter). Miss Tonia laughs at me because of this issue, hell I laugh at myself. I have tried to play in the dirt without them and then I just can’t take it no more. I have to break down and get my “security” gloves on. And don’t even get me started on pumpkin carving. Now I love to get those books of complex pictures and carve at least 4 pumpkins by myself but someone else has got to get the guts out for me. YUK!!! I usually leave it up to my girls or their father to do that part. I just can’t do it. It’s too gross!

Anyway, back to knitting…I am almost to the half way point on the baby blanket that I am working on and hope to get it done this weekend. Maybe I’ll take the girls to a park and just sit and knit while they wear themselves out. Once the blanket is finished then I can reward myself by getting back to my rogue. I have seen 2 completed rogue’s on Claudia’s blog(in her “my gallery” on her side bar) and can’t wait to finish mine. I hope if I have questions I might be able to get a few helpful hints from her or anyone else who may have a few moments to spare when I get stuck. Also, I have a sock that I casted on I think at the beginning of March that is still only maybe 15 rows deep. I will get to that soon or later. I may just end up sending it to the frog pond for now and start on it later. C-ya!


Just A Quick Post

I thought I’d take a moment and share the sky that I had outside my door this morning. I thought it was neat lookin’. I hope you think the same…
Enjoy the day!!! C-ya

Sunny Sunday

Well, the weekend is almost over and I actually feel like I have accomplished something this weekend. No, really…I FEEL it. My muscles ache from the yard work Miss Tonia and I did yesterday. You see, we had this row of creeping junipers between our walkway to our front porch and the side of the garage. Well, not no more. They are gone and I now have muscles I have to rename seeing that I don’t remember their given names. So far I have found Clyde, Bob, George, and Stan. All muscles in my arms and legs of coarse, from pulling on the root balls of the junipers and squatting down to trim branches. OUCH!!!

Any way, as promised I took pics of my girls Booga Bags. Here they are before…

And here they are afterwards…

My girls just love them. Now they have a Booga just like mom’s but different.

Since my camera is talking to the computer today I have some more pics. Here is Buttercup lounging on her bed (aka: the living room ottoman).

Then, a few weeks ago, my ex had to get away for a few days to think so I puppysat Bruiser. He’s half mine too but my ex keeps him as I took all of the other pets with me. He is getting so big.

Okay, enough with the pics. More on the knitting front.

I am still working (slowly) on my rogue. But in the meantime I have also started another baby blanket. I will have pics of it later.

Another change of subject. I read alot of blogs during work and notice that the few that I have listed on my blog are listed on alot of other blogs so I would consider them to be quite popular. I think it’s great! But hey, if you add me to your list (not saying you will) can you let me know so I can check out your blog? I think it’s neat to have such an honor as being listed on another blog site. That means that someone out there actually took time to read a little part of my life. I hope you enjoy it and get a laugh out of my goof up moments. Well, that’s all I have for today. C-ya.

Long Week

I know that I had Monday and Tuesday off but my heavens…this has been one of the longest weeks I have endured for a long time. Thank god it’s almost time to go home. My youngest, Elizabeth has been home with grandma all week. I scheduled an appointment for her to see the doctor this morning that my mom (the greatest mom ever) took her to. She is now on amoxicillan, you know, the pink yummy stuff, so this should kick whatever it is out of her system. I talked with her a little bit ago and she already sounds more like herself. YAY!!! My little girl is getting better.

Yesterday, I took Miss Freda to the LYS so she could pick out colors for a baby blanket she wants made. I will take some pics as I go and post them later. I also forgot to post pics of the finished Booga’s I made my girls. They turned out great! I will post them later too.

Maybe I will work on my Rogue a little this weekend too. First the blanket then the Rogue. I like to get items I make for others done right away. So once I get a good start on the baby blanket then I will reward myself with the Rogue. If Elizabeth feels better I may take her and her sis to the library. Then they can be occupied with books and I can knit.

You all have a great weekend!!! C-ya

Back To Work

Finally, back to work…I scheduled Monday off to be with my girls since they had Easter Monday off. Then yesterday, Tuesday, little Miss Elizabeth was ill. She had a temp of 102 but she’s ok now. But over the weekend I was working on my Rogue…well I got mad at the thing and frogged the whole darn thing. That was Saturday. I didn’t share my frogging news with anyone until Monday (if that tells you how ticked I was) and by that time I was almost back into the pattern part. This whole hem facing has thrown me for a loop. I was going to put the hem onto row 13 of the pattern but 1. it looks tacky 2. trying to put another loop back into this thing while working a pattern that uses a cable needle is enough to confuse the heLL outta me and 3. did I mention it just looked tacky??? Plus the fact that I couldn’t account for 5 stiches when I completed the row just sent me over the edge. Soooo I didn’t get mad…I got even! I now am on row 5 of the pattern (again) and have decided to join in the hem facing on a row where there is just knits and purls going on in the pattern. Besides, I think (once, if I ever get done) when I block it…it will look nice to have a knit edge on the bottom before the pattern starts. I think Miss Tonia is going to do hers a different way but we are 2 completely different people who have 2 completely different thoughts on this whole hem facing thing.

I also don’t know if I mentioned it…but for my birthday on April 4th, I treated myself to an Ipod. Now that I have done that, I now need a computer. Guess that would kind of help. But to have one and not the other is just more of an incentive to save for it. So I am saving every penny I find.

Well, I am off to read my list of favorite blogs (since I haven’t been able to in a few days) and pray that 5 p.m. comes real quick. C-ya!

Just Another Boring Thursday

Ok, lately I have been swamped at the office. And then yesterday, our computer system and phone system just up and died. So all day, in the midst of trying to get everything done I had to do it without a computer and a fax machine. Now, today…I am soooo bored it’s not even funny. I can barely keep my eyes open. I have been standing up alot today just to stay awake. Well, anyway. Once this slow day ends I can get to my “Bunny shopping”. I have to go home, let my pooch out, make a grocery list, go to the store, come home and felt the Booga’s. Now if I can get it all done tonight I’ll have tomorrow night all to myself. AHHHHHH. That means I can fix my little boo boo on my rogue and keep on going. I’m at the point once I fix my little oops that I have to start the kangaroo pocket. This is the first wearable thing I have ever made myself….I hope it fits when I’m done. I’ll have pics soon of the before and after’s of my girls Booga’s. C-ya

And now for my pics

Okay, here’s my story…Yesterday, I tried all day to update my blog at work. Well my work computer has obviously went on strike or something ‘cuz it wouldn’t let me update. Soooo, last night I went to my mom’s to update. I got all of my pics where I wanted them and everything. As I was getting ready to hit the “Publish Post” button….BLIP went the blogger and up came a message stating that blogger went down for maintenence. Fun, fun. So I didn’t get my blog done last night either. So I thought I’d be smart and email the pics to my awful computer at work and update there. Well….that didn’t happen either. My dumb a$$ computer at work wouldn’t let me add the pics to my blog. So….I’m back at my mom’s (again) typing just as fast as I can so I don’t get hit with that dumb update again. Trust me, it would only happen to me.

So, anyway here are my pics. First I’ll start with my girls. On last Thursday we went to the Dairy Queen and then to a park in the area to run some of the sugar buzz off. We had our favorite…Hot fudge, Peanut butter milkshake. YUM YUM!!! So here are Renae in the blue and Elizabeth in the pink hammin’ it up for the camera.

They were having a blast. I love when they get along like this. It makes for a great day.

Next up are some pics of my plants. I’ll start with my little tree I named grandma. I call it that becuase it’s the one thing I was given that kind of symbolizes that my grandma is still near. This month makes 8 years since she has passed away and that’s how long I have had this tree. The pot is also a little special reminder of her. I just found about 2 weeks ago. My grandma had a thing for roses. She lived in a ranch style apartment and she had this special gift that with her loving touch she could make roses grow taller than the apartment. Me? I look at a rose and it starts to wilt. So I’ll leave the roses to my grandma’s memory. Also here is a pic of my little china doll. It was another one of my grandma’s favorites. Let’s see how long it will last with me. So far so good.

And on this past Sunday I had started some seeds for outside plants after the frost is gone, and on Monday Miss Tonia had noticed that I had little sprouts already. Can you believe it? In under 24 hours I had little green sprouts growing. Just like that. Now I wonder if I use the same little peat pods and plant a quarter if it can grow just as fast–KIDDING!!! That would be nice though. Instant money in less than 24 hrs just by planting a little ol quarter.

And since I couldn’t update my blog forever it seemed like. Here are some other pics…

Here is Buttercup catchin’ some Z’s.

And here is Miss Tonia’s kitty Moonie. After about a gazillion shots, I finally got one where she doesn’t look like a big black blur with glowing eyes. Isn’t she gorgeous?

And here is Miss Tonia’s other kitty…Vinnie. Or shall we call him Nermall off of Garfield. He has Nermall’s personality and then some. Here are a few more pics of him chasing katnip bubbles. He just loves them sooooo much.

Well, that’s all for now folks. I have finally got the pics up and out of my system. For some reason this blog is a little hungry…it kept eating the pics as I was adding them. So I have had to add the same pics to this blog a couple of time before they would even pop up. I wonder why? Oh, well. At least I got them in. Oh, I almost forgot…I saved the best for last…

I finally started my Rogue. I am only on the 7th row of the hem but at least it’s a start. Now I’m headed home to knit some more. YAY!!! C-ya!

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