Back To Work

Finally, back to work…I scheduled Monday off to be with my girls since they had Easter Monday off. Then yesterday, Tuesday, little Miss Elizabeth was ill. She had a temp of 102 but she’s ok now. But over the weekend I was working on my Rogue…well I got mad at the thing and frogged the whole darn thing. That was Saturday. I didn’t share my frogging news with anyone until Monday (if that tells you how ticked I was) and by that time I was almost back into the pattern part. This whole hem facing has thrown me for a loop. I was going to put the hem onto row 13 of the pattern but 1. it looks tacky 2. trying to put another loop back into this thing while working a pattern that uses a cable needle is enough to confuse the heLL outta me and 3. did I mention it just looked tacky??? Plus the fact that I couldn’t account for 5 stiches when I completed the row just sent me over the edge. Soooo I didn’t get mad…I got even! I now am on row 5 of the pattern (again) and have decided to join in the hem facing on a row where there is just knits and purls going on in the pattern. Besides, I think (once, if I ever get done) when I block it…it will look nice to have a knit edge on the bottom before the pattern starts. I think Miss Tonia is going to do hers a different way but we are 2 completely different people who have 2 completely different thoughts on this whole hem facing thing.

I also don’t know if I mentioned it…but for my birthday on April 4th, I treated myself to an Ipod. Now that I have done that, I now need a computer. Guess that would kind of help. But to have one and not the other is just more of an incentive to save for it. So I am saving every penny I find.

Well, I am off to read my list of favorite blogs (since I haven’t been able to in a few days) and pray that 5 p.m. comes real quick. C-ya!


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  1. Sarah
    Apr 19, 2006 @ 19:16:00

    I love my ipod…good luck saving for your new computer.

    Keep an eye out in the Best Buy and Circuit City ads because I recently got a computer, monitor & printer for $350 after rebates. Plus, I signed up for a Best Buy card and got no interest for 12 months on the purchase.


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