Yes, I’m still breathing

Ok, it’s been a few days since I’ve actually updated my blog…there is nothing really exciting going on right now. I am still working on my girls kool aid socks. Let me make it just a little more clear…I am still working on the FIRST sock for my girls. I have frogged it so many times I’m surprised that the yarn hasn’t tried to run away from me. Let’s not give it any ideas though. I have also been very busy trying to get my SP8’s package together so I can ship it to her. I have made some things for her and now I’m just waiting for some things I ordered to come in.

As I stated before, I am doing the Trek Along KAL. This is my first official KAL. I can’t wait! But you know I’m going to get some crazy looks when I take a picture of a sock in progress on a walking trail or where ever it is I go. But oh well, I’ll just smile back at them to reassure them I’m a nut. 🙂

I am also trying to fix my amazon wish list since it is not working. So I’ll get it fixed and this way the special person who gets to spoil me can look my list up by my name. (Thanks SpiffySP)

You know, now that I’m thinking about it…I did accomplish something this weekend. I planted more flowers and trimmed up the bushes in the front. I’ll get the camera out and take some pics of that tonight. So pics to come later. C-ya!


Let’s Go Trekking XXL

I just joined a KAL called Trek Along With Me. So come on and join..if you would like to, come on we’ll have fun. See ya there 🙂

Have a great weekend!

My Dog Buttercup

Usually I try not to talk about these things publically. I usually only share these kinds of stories with my friends and family (not saying you aren’t friends), but….it was too funny not to share so here goes. Some of you will probably think this is gross but some of you may have experienced this mishap and can laugh with me.

Last night as I was sitting in bed knitting and my dog Buttercup was in a deep sleep at my feet. Well all of a sudden I heard this noise. A noise as if someone had blown up a balloon and was letting the air out slowly (you see where this is going, don’t you). Well, anyway…it was enough of a noise to get my attention and also wake Buttercup up. Lo and behold, wouldn’t ya know as this noise is progressively getting a bit louder, Buttercup sits up and starts sniffing. Then it dawned on me that my dog (yep, Buttercup) just let a ferosious fart…a loud one at that. So as I am scrambling to shove a pillow towards my face just in case, ya know, the odor of dog. I looked at her and she looked at me and I said to her calmly…I think you should leave now. And of coarse as if she understands everything I say she jumped off of my bed and went out in the living room to lay. After about 5 minutes of breathing through a pillow I lowered it slowly to make sure the air was safe for breathing AHHHHHHH it was (thankfully). About 10 minutes later poor Buttercup comes back in my room with her head down as if trying to be invisible and goes in and gets a drink of water and goes back out in the living room to sleep. When she came into the room I called for her to get back on the bed but she ignored me almost as if she was to embarrassed to even look at me. I have never laughed so hard at Buttercup in my life. I have had her for about 7 maybe 8 years and she is just the greatest dog ever. Thanks for reading my sick, goofy, funny story about my lovable pup Buttercup. I hope it made someone laugh:) C-ya!

Just a Quick Funny

I hope this works…I was shopping around on Knit Picks and found this great deal on some yarn.
When you click here and you see the price, if your eyes don’t pop out of your head then they must have fixed it. I hope you enjoy. 🙂


Happy Mother’s Day

I know, I know…that was yesterday. But everyday is Mother’s Day when you’re a mom. I don’t care how bad the day is going there is always something you can look back on and chuckle about. I always try to find the good in things vs. seeing the bad. Yes, I know, it’s hard sometimes but hey, you only live once : )

Well, for my mom for Mother’s Day I made her a pair of socks…with love. She loved them. This was the first pair of socks I had ever completed and they turned out great!!! Here are a few pics:

Here are a few pics of sock #1
And lookie there…at my ball of yarn, it kinda resembles an apple 🙂

Isn’t it cute? It just happened by accident from where I tucked the center pull in. Anyway, back to the socks, my first socks, the socks that turned out great for my first complete pair…

And here are my mom’s feet in her socks made with love 🙂

Ok, I promise…the last of the sock pics. Here are my mom’s feet sportin’ her new socks. They fit perfect!

Edit to add:

Sorry, I forgot to give the specs on my socks…I got so excited!

Pattern: Garter Bars Socks by Sockbug

Yarn: Knit Picks Essential in colorway grass and I used size 1 dpn’s

One pair down and lots more fun to have. Next, footie’s for my girls out of the kool aid yarn I dyed earlier. YAY!

Thursday, I stopped at my mom’s house and she gave me a laser pointer. Now I have had many of these things, but when you have kids they disappear in seconds. Well, in my house…this is what happens:

Moonie decides (for once) that she’s actually going to partake in the fun. (You can barely see it but the red dot is right beside her front paw.)

And here we have Buttercup and Vinnie stareing up at the ceiling for……

this red dot. Buttercup goes nuts for this thing. When you don’t feel like taking her for a walk, all you gotta do is pull out the trusty laser pointer and let her chase it for a few minutes. Then she’s wore out for the rest of the night. Now mind you…this dog will run herself in circles until she falls over dizzy if you let her. Nothing like free entertainment. C-ya!

Just Another Day

Yesterday I went to Wally world and purchase my almost 11 yr old an MP3 player. Today I brought it to work to open it up and set it up for her. She’s one of those kids who just wants it out of the package and working within seconds of getting. So I am a step ahead of her on this one. Well, I opened it and Miss Tonia helped me setup the songs on it and went to test it out and low and behold the dang thing powers down 30 seconds after being turned on. I replaced the battery, called tech support and everything. Well, if all else fails take it back for another one. So after I get off of work I have to make a mad dash for Wally world (again) and do the ol’
swap-er-roo. Fun, Fun! The things I do for my girls…I love them sooooo much.

Anyway, just to make me feel old Renae, my oldest is turning 11 on Monday (sob, sniffle, sob). So the MP3 player among other fun items will just make it fun for her. As it is right now, she hyjacks my ipod whenever she gets a chance.

On the knitting front…I will post a pic of my (going to be tonight) completed socks that are for my mom on Sunday, as soon as I can get my camera to a computer. So probably tomorrow (hopefully). Then I will try to get back on my Rogue but I might start another pair of socks. For some reason the Rogue and I aren’t getting along to well so I haven’t been working on it. Since I have had to frog it twice now I’m still a little mad at it. Pics to come later. C-ya.

As Promised…

Hello, it is me…the crazy lady that can’t get the computer to work (most of the time) to save my a$$. So I finally got the pics of my finished blanket done and here they are…

Yes, I know they are a little dark but if I used the flash the darn thing just looked white. So I used a varigated encore for this baby blanket that had pastels of purple, yellow, pink, and peach. And mind you that I did not intend for it to stripe but it turned out that way.

I thought it turned out good. I’m sure the baby will enjoy it.

So since this past weekend…I have completed my first sock!!! (YAY!!!) I am so proud of myself for following the directions from a book on how to turn a heel. And why, you ask is “from a book” in bold? Well, that would be because this is the first book I have ever purchased (yes, that’s right, I’m 30 and it’s my first) and I am actually reading it because I want to. I will find a computer tonight (hopefully) that is willing to work for me tonight and post the pics. I will have the mate done soon as they are for my mom for Mother’s Day.

Also, I just want to say HEY (hands waving) to my Secret Pal, this is also my first time participating. :)~


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