Just for a chance to win…

My SP8 Hostess sent out an email with a contest…I’m always up for trying to win something, so here goes…

1. What is your favorite season? I would have to say spring. When all of the flowers are in bloom and the grass is turning green. It’s just soooooo pretty 🙂

2. Where is or would be your favorite place in the world to take a vacation? I would love to visit Hawaii

3. If you could have any job in the world and not worry about finances (everything would be taken care of), which means you’d be doing something you actually like, what would it be? I would have to say a yarn shop.

4. What is your favorite project to knit or crochet? I like knitting socks…alot!

5. What is your favorite food- whether it be a main dish, dessert, snack, whatever? It would have to be my homemade cheesecake. YUM YUM

6. What is your favorite way to relax and unwide? I like to listen to music and knit with an ice cold beverage.

There you go hostess with the mostess! Please put my name in the drawing.

Have a great day as I know I will since I’m outta here at noon today and off tomorrow. YaY! No work for the rest of the week.



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