Well last week I started my Central Park Hoodie and got all the way through 12 rows of the pattern and decided after sitting back and staring at it for a while….something just didn’t look right. So, I read through the pattern instructions a few more times and then pulled it off of the needles and FROGGED the whole thing. I was so mad at myself that I had to instantly go for a walk to cool down. As of today I still haven’t casted back on but I might do that by tomorrow since I don’t have to pick my girls up from their dads tomorrow. So as far as knitting content, there hasn’t been much here in Dreemland.

The Harvest Sock Swap has officially kicked off and I have contacted my pal. But I have yet to hear from mine. I will in due time (hopefully). I think I found the yarn I’m going to use now I just have to find the perfect pattern.



Nuttin’ much in Dreemland

Not much going on here at Dreemknits. Just the usual day to day average boring life. Yes, I have been knitting. No, I do not have pics yet. But I will show you updates of my Rogue and my Central Park Hoodie that I FINALLY started soon.

Here in my lovely little neighborhood you can definately feel the season change. I just love it. The days are cooler and the nights are cold. Perfect weather where you just need a jacket and the heat doesn’t have to be on. It’s time for warm comfort foods and soups and anything pumpkin. As I walk around the grocery stores they have the Halloween Candies out already and all of the decorations. I couldn’t stand it any longer. I had to go home and get my Halloween goodies out and at least set out my Partylite candle goodies. They are so cute. Come the beginning of October is when I’ll put some stuff up outside.

Now I have to go on the search for fabrics for my girls costumes. That is of coarse if I’m up to making them. Renae wants me to make a ball room gown for her and Elizabeth wants to be Tinkerbell. I found the perfect Tinkerbell pattern and I am still looking for a ball room gown or something that I can transform into one. I may get off easy on the gown as I have a whole bolt of free flowing black fabric that would work great. I think I’ll take their measurements tonight so I have them and maybe start this weekend while they are at their dads and surprise them. They’d get a kick out of that. I’ll have to find them but I’ll post the pics of a couple of the other costumes I have made in years past. As most things that I find an interest in are because of an awesome friend (Miss Tonia) who has taken the time to show me the in and outs of this and many (most) of what I have become addicted to…and now she has taken a liking to spinning. She hasn’t actually sat at a wheel but she has made her own drop spindle and started already. She is already speaking of a wheel that exsists in her future. Beware, I too may become addicted to that.

Sorry that I have no pics right now but I will soon enough. Now time for me to get back to work.


I Think The Mailman…

Has gotten more excercise walking to and from out door in the past month then ever in his life. Well, at least he got a break this time. Thank you Mr. UPS driver for bringing my Summer Sock Party package.

I never new a box like this above…

Could hold some of the coolest things ever. You see, in my house I am known as the “gum vampire”. I can suck the flavor out of any piece of gum in less than minutes. So that box of Bazooka will last me a while. My girls LOVE their coke glasses and the light sticks on strings. Renae and Elizabeth say Thank You! And the bag in the background has sun tan lotion and after sun lotion in it. Then there’s a piece of stem ware holding the rest of the yarn for the sock I’m going to make and on top of that is a pair of sunglasses. You can never have enough of those around. The yarn is something that I haven’t worked with yet…and since I’m at my mother’s and don’t have it with me if I can recall correctly it is by yarnart and the colorway is numbered. Now let’s talk about this awesome sock. I feel soooo special. My pal designed my sock pattern. I can’t wait to get started on the other one. By the way…it fits perfect see…

Don’t mind the background. Yup, that’s right. You’re looking at the ceiling. You see, I had to lay down on my bed and play contortionist to get this shot. Not bad if I say so myself. But the picture does the colors no justice. Just like my pal said. It kind of looks like bubble gum colors.

Thanks for everything Maggie! You are AWESOME!!!

Also, to my Secret Pal 8. I got the cute tin of custom Zephyr stitch markers. Thank you for everything. You too are AWESOME, “Spamantha“!!!

More pics "part 2"

Ok, now for the other moon pic. Here it is.

The face is still there. I just think that is too neat!

Here are few pics of Miss Tonia’s moon flowers out in the front by the porch. They only bloom at night and only stay open for the duration of that night and then curl up and die. Aren’t they pretty?

And then I’m not really big on bugs. As a matter of fact they completely gross me out but I couldn’t pass this up. It’s a locust aka: katydid. Up close and personal even.

This is what we can call Mother Nature’s little rump shaker. Hee Hee!

And last but not least…knitting content. Look what I found at Temptation’s. (Which I cannot locate a web address for, sorry.)

This is Lorna’s Laces in the colorway OSU. I was told that it’s made just for this shop. OSU Buckeye fans eat your heart out!

I also am still waiting for my wool to come in that I ordered for the Central Park Hoodie. One of these days I will get to start on it. Oh, well…that just gives me time to work on my Rogue. I’m almost to the hood. YAY!

Well, sorry I had to do my update in 2 pieces but hey, I got all the pics in that I wanted to. So HA, take that blogger. I have out smarted you!


Warning…Loaded with pics


It’s me again. But this time I have pics…here goes

First off let’s start out with my Secret Pal package.

Here is everything all nicely wrapped up with little tags on every one.

And here is what was in it…

I got some honey flavored chap stick, 2 shot glasses (which I collect), dice suckers, apple flavored mints, some yummy sock yarn, US size 2 DPN’s, and this cute halloween table runner. (I think she made it???) I love it all! Thank you SP8.

Here is a close up of the table runner. I can’t wait until October now…

This cute little witch is all around the runner doing different things. And she has this “thrilled” look on her face which just makes to too funny.

Now, I’m not sure if you remember me talking about my neighbors probably think I’m a lunatic since I was taking pics of the moon one night which just so happened to be over thier house. They even got up and locked their front door and I heard it click. Sorry neighbors, but the moon was awesome that night. See…

This one’s a little blurry. But do you see the face? Is there really a man in the moon? Hmmmmm.

Well, now blogger is not co-operating with me. Let’s see if I make a “part 2” if it will take the pics. C-ya!