Well last week I started my Central Park Hoodie and got all the way through 12 rows of the pattern and decided after sitting back and staring at it for a while….something just didn’t look right. So, I read through the pattern instructions a few more times and then pulled it off of the needles and FROGGED the whole thing. I was so mad at myself that I had to instantly go for a walk to cool down. As of today I still haven’t casted back on but I might do that by tomorrow since I don’t have to pick my girls up from their dads tomorrow. So as far as knitting content, there hasn’t been much here in Dreemland.

The Harvest Sock Swap has officially kicked off and I have contacted my pal. But I have yet to hear from mine. I will in due time (hopefully). I think I found the yarn I’m going to use now I just have to find the perfect pattern.



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