Nuttin’ but knittin’

Good Monday to all!

Here’s a little recap of my weekend…

Friday evening I started my first sleeve for my CPH.

Saturday morning, after getting the ribbing done and 30 rows of cable on the sleeve, I sat back and thought to myself…I could knit this on circs. Soooooooo, I frogged the whole sleeve and cast on on small circs. YEAH RIGHT! Where was my brain. Since I’m doing the largest CPH it says to cast on 54 sts that means you start with a K2 and end with a K2. That way, when you seam it you lose 1 knit stitch on each side so it looks like it’s suppose to. Well, I took out 2 sts to fix the fact that 4 knit sts would be sitting together (YUK) and so I cast on 52 sts on a circ. Again, YEAH RIGHT! 52 sts are impossible on even the smallest circ I own and for some reason I could not fatham the thought of doing the sleeve on straights again. But at the same time as you are probably sitting there reading this your brain is saying…DPN’s, DPN’s. Well, that’s not what my brain was thinking. I was so frustrated with myself for frogging the sleeve that I walked away from it for the day. Later in the day I realized that I could knit it on DPN’s but then still couldn’t work on it ’cause I needed US 6’s and I didn’t own a set. ARGH! So I had to go hunt down a set and all I could find at after 5 p.m. on Saturday were Clovers (EWWWW). So I gave in and got them… but they are going back! I DON’T LIKE THEM!!! I feel like I’m knitting with dowel rods.

on Sunday I sat at most points of the day and knit my CPH sleeve in the round. AAAHHHHH! Even with the increases it is very easy to knit in the round. I will have to take some pics to show you. Once I get to the sleeve cap I will go back to straight needles. But I am trying to keep as many sts as live sts. I plan to pick the sts up around the armhole and do a 3 needle bindoff.

Ok, enough about my CPH…now onto my Harvest Sock Swap news.

I still have yet to hear from my pal. Not even a hello note to let me know they’re out there. (Sob, sniff) So if you are out there pal….Hi! It’s Amy, your pal. (me waving my hand)

I was going to send my pal’s stuff out this past weekend but I found something else that I want to make and send in my SECRET package. So it will be just a bit longer. Sorry pal.

That’s about it for now. I have tomorrow off from work so hopefully I’ll get some more of my CPH done. I really want to finish it. It is for a gift for Christmas. I hope she likes it.



Update on my CPH

Here is my current progress on my Central Park Hoodie. Yes, I know…the picture is a little dark, but that’s what happens when the weather is cold and gloomy. I just have to complete the center back and then I can start on the hood.

Here is a close up of the center back cables…

So far so good. Right???

I have also seen a few stash flashes of sock yarn stash. So here goes…

I know, I know. A bit on the little side, but I’m happy with it. And no the colorway that I used for my Harvest Sock Swap is not in this picture. I should hopefully be able to send that out this coming weekend.

Oh, yeah…I forgot about this picture of the sky I took one stormy night… I thought it was breath taking…

C-ya later!

Knit the pounds away

On Friday the 13th I cast on for my Harvest Sock Swap sock. I got the cuff and the first repeat done. And then on Saturday, before I went to bed I had the sock completely done. Whoo Hoo! Now I just gotta find some goodies to send with it and get it in the mail. I so love this sock. I honestly believe that this is the best lookin’ sock I have yet to knit. And to boot…this was the first time EVER that I knit a heel gusset. Let me just tell you…the instruction were Amy proof. And, this was the first time EVER that I followed a sock pattern from beginning to end. THAT ROCKS!!! And the colors. Well, I can’t get into that as my sock is a secret and will be revealed in due time. I just hope that my pal loves it as much as I do. Don’t worry pal. This is a quick knit and you’ll be wearing a pair of awesome socks in no time.

As for the title of this post. Did you know that knitting all weekend long causes weight loss. Don’t know how…but I’ve managed to lose 7 lbs this weekend and the only muscles that I believe got any kind of workout are my fingers from knitting. But where ever those pounds went they can stay. I don’t want them back! And I didn’t miss a meal at all this weekend. Hmmmmmmm.

My Central Park Hoodie is growing. The pattern calls for 14″ in length but I want mine longer so that’s what I’m working on now. I want about 17″ from the armpit down. That should happen tonight and I’ll start on the armhole decreases.

I’ll leave you with a picture I took outside my bedroom door. My bedroom being at the back of the house walks out onto the back deck and this is what I saw…

The leaves were just getting ready to change colors. This was taken back near the beginning of October.


Here are my Missy’s Lobster Pot Socks totally complete…

I found this really cool program on my mom’s computer that completely took all of the shadows out of the picture and really turned up the color. I REALLY like this pic. I made my daughter put them on and lay on the bed with her feet up in the air in front of my vertical blinds so her feet look a little wonky (at least to me they do) . But the color is completely true. This is yarn from my stash. It’s sockotta and I don’t have the colorway as this was my first purchase in sock yarns. I finally used it. YAY!

Just Another Day Here In Dreemland

Hello blogland. Seems to me that I am stuck in some kind of rut. Life wise that is. I’m beginning to feel as I do not have a life other than my kids and knitting…not that it’s a bad thing BUT interaction with people in general is definately lacking. I feel that I carry more conversation with my kids and animals rather than people. Kinda scary if you think about it. Especially since I’m beginning to think my bird is a male bird and likes hitting on me and my room mate.

Saturday as we were knitting and watching the OSU game, my bird Gypsy starts throwing food at Miss Tonia. Then starts talking…”Come here”, “Give me a kiss (bird makes smootching sound)”, “Hi”, “Can I pet you?” and then Gypsy starts whistling the cat calls. I never noticed until Saturday that my bird sounds like a perv. Most of the things she picks up and repeats are cute until you put them all together like that. She also repeats my dog’s name over and over and calls for her all day long. My poor dog Buttercup probably sits at home all day going insane trying to figure out who is saying her name. “Butter, come here”, “Butter, bed” and then she whistles for her and makes a snapping sound as if someone were snapping their fingers at the dog. Poor puppy dog.

Oh, yeah. On the knitting front…I have the perfect pattern for something I am working on but I just cannot locate anyone that has the magazine it is in. So if any of you that read this blog have the IK Winter ’05 I need something out of it. PLEEEEEZ! If the price is right I might be willing to buy it if someone is willing to sell it. Just thought I’d throw it out there to see if maybe there is hope for me. I have been searching ebay with no luck. I’ll keep trying though. Hopefully tonight I’ll get my pictures downloaded of my Central Park Hoodie and a pair of socks that I have completed. I am still searching for the perfect pattern for my Harvest Sock Swap pal. I have the yarn, it’s a yarn she states she hasen’t used yet. So I need to find the perfect pattern so the socks will be happy. C-ya!

Some pics of my life

Great new. I have finally taken time to upload pics into my photo bucket so I can share them with you.

To start off let’s update the Central Park Hoodie…

Here is the color of green that I will be using. I decided to use Encore wool blend so that I can wash and dry it. I am doing mine in one piece as I’m not one for sewing knitted items together. I’ll have an update of my hoodie once I get more that just the 2 ribby rows that I have done right now.

Next is a picture of my Rogue. I have completed the body and hood and now have to work on the sleeves. Wish me luck.

Please excuse the little holes on the front as I will be fixing those. As you can tell I’m still a little new to the whole pattern work thing but I have since learned if you twist the stitch you won’t have holes. (Trust me, I’ve tried it and it works).

Where I live we have this cute little art festival called Arts in the Alley and my eldest, Renae, had a picture in the art show. I am so proud of her.

Just in case you can’t figure it out…it’s a fish bowl sitting on a table with very decorative wallpaper.

And here is a shot of Elizabeth. I caught her being goofy.

I caught her completely off guard. She was right in the middle of doing a cheer. Hee Hee!

Well, that’s all I have for now. I chat at cha’ later. C-ya!