Is it Friday yet???

I know, I know. Asking way to early in the week…but I really want Friday to come. The weekends here lately just haven’t been lasting as long as I would like them to.

Remember the gloves I made for my godmother? (aka: the OSU gloves). Well, here is a few pics she sent me of her with her “made from scratch” gloves. And sitting next to her is my AWESOME mom….HI MOM!!! (me waving)
For some reason I can’t get the pics to turn out any better, but you get the idea. My silly mom in the last pic with her eyes shut (he he).
Well, that’s about as close to knitting content you’re gettin’ from me until I get my own laptop. Which will hopefully be here real soon. Then I’ll have pics galore. WHOOOO HOOOO!


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