Yeah! I am in!!!

I am in Ravelry! Whoo Hoo!!! Add me as a friend if you want. My screen name is Dreemgypsy. See you there.

And as far as the Mystery Swap…my package is going out this weekend. I have a few small touches to add and then off it goes. I can’t wait.

I’m pretty sure that I might have mentioned that I was knitting something for my cousin in pink since she found out she was pregnant. And…since she has 2 little boys already, I was knitting in pink to help for hopes of a girl. Well, that didn’t work. The doctor says it’s a boy. DARNIT!!! So, I will finish the little pink dress and then move onto something blue for her newest member of the family. That is of coarse once I get over my fit of rage with the sleeves. I went to attach the first one and had some issues and ripped it back out. So once I get un-mad…I’ll get it finished then take pics and show you. I’ll have to admit, it is really cute. And if any of you have any ideas what to knit for a boy please leave me comments. I could use all the help possible. Since I don’t have boys, I find it harder to find something to knit for them.

Ok, I’m off to finish up a few things for my swap partner. Bye for now.

C-ya, Dreem


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