Wishing you and yours a little Merry, Merry!

Well, here it is…Christmas day and I sit all alone waiting for my girls to call and say “come get us!” They spent last night with their dad. They did however spend all of yesterday with me. Making cookies and the icing and adding the sprinkles on each and every of the 50+ cookies we decorated. They did such a great job. Then to boot. They helped me finish dinner. Which was a thick and hearty midwest ham chowder. It resembles the O’Charley’s cheesy potatoe soup…but mine has ham and cream of corn in it. YUM YUM!!! Plus, mines made from scratch. The best ever.

I sit here with the phone clenched in my hands waiting for my girls to call. I can’t wait to get time with them and have them open their gifts from Santa. Santa made my living room a little impossible to walk through with bikes, so they need to get here soon.

Well, the main reason for taking a few minutes today is to wish you and your a Merry, Merry Day! However you may celebrate it. Just be happy! I’m thankful every year that I make it through this day in every aspect of it. I’m fortunate to have a great family and awesome friends. Without them, life just wouldn’t flow. Yes, there are a few bumps along the way, but today is a day to overlook those things.

So, I’ll leave you with a bit of a silly pic. It’s my family Santa picture…

That’s my sister, me (Santa), and my mom. The dogs are Magnum (Weimaraner,my sisters), Molly (lab, my moms) and Buttercup (bassett/sharpei, mine)