My Swift!

Sooooo, for Christmas, my aunt and uncle (what awesome family members) gave me a gift card for Joann Fabrics. $20 to be exact. So since Christmas I have shopped and stared and drooled over the wooden yarn swift that they have online. So this past Friday I gave into it and decided I had to have it. And since I had a 50% off coupon plus the $20 gift card…I didn’t fork out much at all. I am now a very proud owner of my very own wooden yarn swift. YAY! And I had it shipped to me at work. Now I just wanna go home and play. Hurry up day and be over already!

C-ya! Dreem


I Want This!!!

Ok, so I work with Miss Tonia and we both stalk Ravelry like no tomorrow all day long. And she calls me over to her desk to look at this AWESOME bag that is on izodgrrl (ravelry name). I soooooo want one, or two, heck…maybe three. Perfect for carrying around a small project like a sock or something and just adorable as heck.

Check it out for yourself…

But I want to see more colors. Can’t wait!

Izodgrrl got her’s at a local store near her called TripQuipment. They do not have a website…yet. But their phone number is 207~781~7770. Ms. Tonia called and spoke directly to Sam (very nice man) and he is willing to ship them. Now I have checked a few other sites for this exact bag and either it is sold as a set or if it is sold seperately it is more than what Sam would charge. Sam at TripQuipment said he sells them individually or I’m pretty sure if you want the whole set that could be an option too.

Enjoy! Dreem

Mental note to self…

Need to blog more often. I have been slacking for quite some time now. I really do apologize!

On the knitting front, I do have a few things on the needles. 1. The Hemlock Ring Blanket and 2. An Irish Hiking Scarf. I will post pics soon. Like, maybe when the sun decides to come back out and make me smile. Hurry up spring. It’s only supposed to be in the teens this coming weekend. Brrrrrrrrrr!!!

And, at the end of February my lease is up and Miss Tonia and I are parting ways (sniff, sniff). Life has been a blast for the past 2 years but we are outgrowing our space and need room to spread out. Trust me, I will still be stopping in to visit her new residence and she is always welcome to come to mine. So, in the near future I’m sure you will see new pics of our new places on our blogs once again.

Ok, not much else going on in my little piece of the world. I hope everyone in blogland is okay.

C-ya, Dreem