Proud Mama!

Ok, this is completely off of the knitting topic. But I just had to share in my joy. My youngest who is in 4th grade just received an award for being an outstanding student this month. The #1 Student of the month club. She will be getting an award certificate and breakfast this Friday.

And then….

My oldest, who is in 7th grade was just selected to be in her schools National Honor Society. I am going to the ceremony next week. I hope to get a few good pics if the lighting is good. And on top of my double whammy of AWESOME news she also brought home a report card with straight A’s. WHOO HOO!

I am one proud mama!

C-ya, Dreem


A FO for all to see :)

Hello blogospere…Today I would like to rejoice in the fact that I am done with a baby blanket which, by the way, is for a baby shower this weekend. My cousin and his wife are expecting a baby boy and they’ve already named him Sam.

So without further ado…

Sam I Am Blankie


Crystal Palace Bamboozle in the colorway Baby Blues
Knit on size US 8
In my own personal basketweave pattern (working on writing the pattern)

Now…back to my regular knitting project. My A-line jacket.

A-line Jacket

Enjoy! Dreem