A gathering of friends

So this weekend in Yellow Springs Ohio, was a wool festival…A Wool Gathering.

This was the first time EVER that I got to go.  I went with Wendy (manager of Heavenly Creations) and Abbi (a friend who I met from working at Heavenly Creations)  They were great fun to be around.  Many laughs and much fun were had by all.  Here are a few pics.  They were taken from my phone so please don’t mind the poor pics.  I can’t zoom (to my knowledge) so some pics might be blurry.  SORRY!

Alpacas at A Wool Gathering

Alpacas at A Wool Gathering

These little guys were standing in the middle of their pen.  Aren’t they cute?  They wouldn’t fit in my car so they had to stay.  Sorry guys!

Herd those duckies!

Herd those duckies!

This dog had great control over these black ducks.  I can honestly say that I have NEVER seen black ducks before.  They were pretty neat.

We got a little hungry so before making one more pass through the tents so we had a little treat to cool us off from the dairy farm (shhh, don’t tell…it was ice cream…YUM!)  Did our last past and headed for home.  Or so we thought until we saw the PLAIN CITY exit.  Can we say DER DUTCHMAN?  Oh yes we can!  And man was it good.  We feasted like kings, or shall I say queens and then Wendy introduced me to peanut butter pie.  Here…I only wish for whoever’s reading this, that if you licked your monitor that you could taste it.  Because it was soooooooo yummy!

The box says it all.

The box says it all.

and now peek inside the box…

MY Peanut Butter Pie (wanna bite?)

MY Peanut Butter Pie (wanna bite?)

Okay, stop drooling and go get one…geesh!

A side view...the crumbles are peanut butter crumbles...yummy!

A side view...the crumbles are peanut butter crumbles...yummy!

Ok, not the best shot..but you get the idea.  The best thing I’ve had for dessert in a long time.  Thanks Wendy for sharing your piece of pie with me.

And thanks to both Abbi and Wendy for going with me to share in the fun filled day.  You gals ROCK!

Tomorrow I’ll hopefully gets pics of what I bought.  And then I’ll share those with you.  Have a good night.



Since Sunday’s visit from Ike (the hurricane) into central Ohio it has been darkness for many.  Sunday 9/14/08 the news showed that over 220,000 in Columbus, OH were sitting in the dark.  I (thankfully) was not one of those people.  The only thing that I lost at my house was internet, a few pieces of siding, and a weather vane. 

On Sunday, in the 75 mile an hour winds, my mother and I decided we needed to get out of the house and see if we couldn’t find something to eat.  Obviously, we didn’t find anything because everyone was having power issues.  As we drove around we saw all of the downed trees and powerlines.  Siding flapping in the wind and alot of uprooted trees either laying on the ground or up against houses.  It was very wild to see all of this happening.  So we ended up going home and raiding the fridge for something to eat. 

On Monday, school was cancelled.  No power to still over 220,000 customers and our city and many surrounding cities were out of ice.  I went to work to discover we had no power there.  So we sat on the dock, by the dock doors making calls on our personal cell phones (if you had a charged phone) to our customers to let them know we were in the dark.  I got sent home around 11 a.m.

On Tuesday, school was back in session and my youngest, Elizabeth, was ill and stayed home.  I went to work and we actually had electric.  YAY!  But, we didn’t have internet and most things we do are worked through the internet so not much got accomplished.  And what did get accomplished was done by typing it up and printing it out and then faxing it somewhere and calling to make sure that someone received the fax.  Talk about stoneage!  Days like that make me thankful for all that we do have.  On top of all of this I have a head cold and Tuesday was not a good day.  I couldn’t breathe, couldn’t hear very well and had lost my voice.  I was on the phone all day talking in almost a complete whisper.  My customers kept telling me to go home.  I wish I could have but there were things that needed to be done.

On Wednesday when I woke up…I felt even worse!  So I called in sick and held the bed down for the majority of the day.  And today I am back at work with a little bit of a voice.  Still sick, but at least I can breathe!

Okay, on with the day…As far as knitting?  I am STILL working on my BYOB bag.  I will take pics this afternoon when I get to job #2.

Sorry this was sooooo boring, but I figured I’d at least document this for future reference.  Plus, the meds I’m on for my cold make the world spin so I probably rambled or repeated myself somewhere in the above paragraphs.  So Sorry!  I’m trying really hard to get better.  REALLY!

TTYL, me

Knitter’s Night Out

Yay!  It’s almost 5 o’clock which means I can go enjoy my evening at my local Knitter’s Night Out.  I work them, every second Friday of every month and enjoy seeing all of the customers come in.  I look forward to this evening every month.  Sometimes alot of people and sometimes just a few…no matter.  It’s still fun when you have something in common with others and can chat the night away.

Enjoy your evening and maybe I’ll see you there…Bye

Mouth Bling! (yep, that’s what it’s called when your 13)

So last night was Renae’s orthodontist appt.  And last night, unknown to us until it happened, she got her wire put on her braces.  I don’t know about her, but I was excited.  Yay! And right before school pictures.  So without further ado…

Mouth Bling

Mouth Bling

 I don’t know if you can see it to well in this pic, but she has a clear band connecting her 2 front teeth.  Pulling them together.  Can we say PAIN?!?!

close up to show thingy pulling 2 front teeth together...OUCH!

See it? It’s clear and it’s what’s causing her pain.  She said it hurt this morning while eating a bowl of oatmeal.  Now that’s some serious pain.  So I gave her some motrin to help with the pain.  And I’ll just share one last pic.

Expander sealed.  No more turning!

Expander sealed. No more turning!

And this is Renae’s favorite pic.  This means we don’t have to crank the expander anymore.  It has been sealed in place.  I bet she’s wishing for this back right now in trade of the front teeth pain.
Poor kid!  But she’ll have such a gorgeous smile when it’s all done.  YAY!
On the knitting front (since this is a knitting blog)…I have taken the last 2 days off.  Just in one of those moods.  But tonight I work at HC, tomorrow night for Knitter’s Night Out @ HC, and on Saturday I will be surrounded by yarn…so I should get the knitting mojo back soon.
Have a great day!

Jump Already…will ya? Geesh!

So this is what the headline reads now…

Breaking News

Neil Avenue Reopens

COLUMBUS, Ohio — Neil Avenue reopened to traffic Tuesday afternoon after a hour-long closing. The closing was between Goodale Street and Nationwide Boulevard and was due to a police incident.

Police Incident?  HA!  It was someone sitting on what I would consider to be a low bridge threatening to jump.  My thought?  JUMP ALREADY!  All your going to get is a couple of broken bones and one heck of a hospital bill.  YA BIG DUMMY!

This is what had traffic all messed up on my way back from lunch.  Miss Tonia and I had went to our LYS to see the newest arrival of Lorna’s Laces and had to detour around this in order to get back to work.  Seems like only the weird stuff happens to us. 

Ok, on the knitting front…I have been SLOWLY working on a BYOB Bag.  It always seems like once I hit a 2 row repeat I slow down…way down.  But now that’s over and I’m back to the moss stitch I should be done soon.  Keep your eyes peeled for pics.


Changin’ it up a bit…

So I’ve decided that this space isn’t so bad and I might like to call it home.  Give me a bit to figure out all of the cool little widgets and I’ll be back up to speed.  Trying to figure out how to import my current blog so I don’t lose all of it.

See you back here soon…stay tuned!