Jump Already…will ya? Geesh!

So this is what the headline reads now…

Breaking News

Neil Avenue Reopens

COLUMBUS, Ohio — Neil Avenue reopened to traffic Tuesday afternoon after a hour-long closing. The closing was between Goodale Street and Nationwide Boulevard and was due to a police incident.

Police Incident?  HA!  It was someone sitting on what I would consider to be a low bridge threatening to jump.  My thought?  JUMP ALREADY!  All your going to get is a couple of broken bones and one heck of a hospital bill.  YA BIG DUMMY!

This is what had traffic all messed up on my way back from lunch.  Miss Tonia and I had went to our LYS to see the newest arrival of Lorna’s Laces and had to detour around this in order to get back to work.  Seems like only the weird stuff happens to us. 

Ok, on the knitting front…I have been SLOWLY working on a BYOB Bag.  It always seems like once I hit a 2 row repeat I slow down…way down.  But now that’s over and I’m back to the moss stitch I should be done soon.  Keep your eyes peeled for pics.



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