Meet Amos

Ok, so my mom has this barn cat.  His name is Amos, and he obviously has a job to do as a “barn” cat.  You got it, he’s a mouser.  And a darn good one.  Well, the barn is full of horses so he has to dodge alot of feet…heavy feet at that.  And a few years ago he wasn’t quick enough and he got kicked or stepped on.  Right on his head.  Now this is where my mom comes in.  You see, I call her Mrs. Dolittle (if Dr. Dolittle had a wife, she’d be the one).  So my mom brings him home and nurses him back to health.  This is my mom’s miracle kitty.  He has used up 8 1/2 of his 9 lives so mom keeps close watch over him.  Well when winter comes, she always brings him home to stay at the house, inside, all nice and warm.  And for those cold months, he tolerates the household very well.  Amos definately has a personality all his own and I wouldn’t trade it for a second.  He’s a tough cat on the outside, but at a one on one level…he’s so sweet.  He always makes us laugh since he’s always “on”.  He jumps and is very skiddish when he’s unfamiliar with things around the house…you gotta be when you live in a barn.  And speaking from experience, he can jump real high.  LOL!  So now I’ll share a pic with you of Amos resting in a bed I made for him last year…

Isn’t he pretty?  Well this year, mom did her traditional “bring Amos home” thing.  And here’s what my mom brought home…

Notice the markings….THIS IS AN IMPOSTER!!!  Now don’t get me wrong, he’s as close as you possibly could get to looking like Amos…but that is not Amos.  Look at the nose!  Amos’s nose is pure white, and the poser has half white and half black. Hmmmmmm.  The poser is just as sweet as can be, and talks to you, but it’s not Amos.  So mom is back at the barn looking for Amos.  Until then, Poser is living it up.


UPDATE:  As of 11 a.m. 10/28/2008  Amos has been found and is now home with us for the winter.  I think the imposter (aka: Poser) was happy to go back to the barn.  He didn’t look like he wanted to be inside.  He didn’t complain on the way out the door.  There’s plenty for him to do and eat at the barn.  Mrs. Dolittle (my mom) will make sure of that.




Sorry I haven’t been blogging much lately…but life has been crazy busy.  Work has picked up pace 10x plus (not that I’m complaining) and for this week I am in charge of getting both of my girls to their practices all by myself.  Thank god for my mom!  Since a few practices for the girls are on same days during the same times…she takes one and I take the other.  Once the week is over everything will be a little better.  The girls dad will be back from his honeymoon and the flow of the evenings will be less stressful.  YES!  I have been knitting and YES I *FINALLY* finished my BYOB bag.  Once I find a moment in life to take pics, I will.   As for now, I’ll leave you with this…

This is my sister’s goofy dog.  She’s so silly!  Hope it brings a smile to your face.  Enjoy!

I'm so smart!

Someone hit the pause button….please?

Whew!  Life has been crazy busy here lately.  For example, last friday…I took my lunch at the end of the day just to make the evening with the kids events run a little smoother.  So at 4 p.m. on that Friday afternoon I dashed out of my office and headed to get the kids.  All FOUR of them!  My 2, and my ex’s (soon to be) step sons.  You see, I’m a single mom with 2 girls and on most occasions get along with the ex.  So since he had to work and his fiance’ didn’t get off work until 6, I took all of the kids with me.  So, back to my story…I picked them up from the ex’s house, dropped Elizabeth off at the house to shower for cheerleading pics, went to the school to pickup a ginormous noise maker in a box barotone for the ex’s oldest step son, stop and got food (McDonald’s) and went back to the house to eat and get ready.  THEN, my mom (I love this woman!) took the 2 older kids to the high school for “8th grade band night” at the football game.  Where they got to warm up with the band and play during the 1st half and also in the half time routine.  While I took the 2 younger kids so Elizabeth could get her cheerleading pics taken and then head over to the high school game and let the young one’s run till they crash  watch the older kids play in the band.  It was GREAT!  They did a great job.  I was very proud of them.

Here’s the thing…I don’t see how single parents without help make things like the above mentioned happen.  I mean, I usually rely on the ex and his fiance’ to get the girls where they are needed when I’m not available to and my mom is always willing to help.  I am thankful that my girls have such a great support system.  Because without them…we wouldn’t have: softball, cheerleading, volleyball, etc.  Thanks to you all!

Days like that Friday make me want to have a pause button…I really could have used it!

No knitting content today…sorry.  I’ve been stuck on the same project for quite some time.  Just haven’t had much time to knit lately.