You’re a mean one…..Mr. Grinch!

Well, not really mean…just a song, right?  Well, anyway.  About this time of year is when my boss admits to the office that he’s the Grinch.  He’s really not, but we’ll let him believe it .You see, I’ve worked for him since I was 17 and now I’m 32, so you do the math.  He’s sort of like a surrogate father in many ways….well, at least in my mind, and since this is my blog…that’s what counts.  One of our past sales personnel even bought him a stuffed Grinch doll that hangs above his office door as a reminder of what time of year it is.  And since I’ve been handling an account that deals with costumes.   Many costumes!  Costumes that visit local schools, libraries, and reading festivals all over the globe.  A lot of these come across my dock and I was excited to see Mr. Grinch as one of the characters that move around this time of year.  So as a Merry Christmas to us all here was his gift to the office…


The head didn’t fit him, but it was still hilarious!