Ok, that’s it! I surrender!

I unfortunately have to announce that I surrender! I have absolutely NO Christmas knitting complete. I even attempted to start this knitting way back in October. And since then, nothing….and I mean NOTHING!!! has been completed by me. I have had no time to sit and knit on anything. Between the hours I’ve been working at job #1 and #2, the cheerleading that ended last month, the volleyball that just ended this past Thursday. So, to all of those who were going to get knitted gifts this year…I’m sorry. I cannot humanly knit all that I have on my list. I can’t even finish 1 pair of socks! And that’s real bad for me.

Happy Holidays!


Yes, I’d like to call in today….

I wonder if it’s ever been done.  Can I call in healthy?  Everyone in the office is sniffling, sneezing, moaning, and coughing.  One has strep throat, a few others have the yucks coming out both ends (sorry, gross…but true) and I don’t want it.  I keep washing my hands and threatening anyone who nears my desk not to breathe on me.  Just let me go home and do my work from home.   Please, I’m begging…anything to avoid being sick.

Sniff, sniff, sob. 😦