Wow, what a new year it has been so far…

Hello all, and happy new year!  Any new years resolutions?  Well, I have a few.  And the few that I have, I honestly never saw myself sticking to.  For me, resolutions were the things you voiced when friends asked and you would see them a couple of weeks or so later and already have broken them.  And every year it was always the same few.  You know them….lose weight and get in shape.  And coming from me, you would think those 2 things alone would be a death sentence. 

But I have a new lease on life.  Especially since someone very special and caring has come into my life…but more on that later!  For now, I’ll use “Mr. B” when referring to him.

Before the new year came, Mr. B and I were talking about future goals in life and weight loss and fitness were on both of our minds.  So, we signed up for a membership at our local YMCA and started our cardio workouts on 1/1/09.  And meet there everyday (minus 1 day off a week from working out) and workout together.  And depending on what our kids are doing, they come when they want and go swimming or play in the gym.

So as you can tell, with help from Mr. B, I am on my way to losing weight and getting in shape.  And for the record…


Another new years resolution that I made for myself was a hard one.  Or so I thought it was going to be a hard one.  Completely cut pepsi out of my life.  Pepsi has been my vice for many years.  I could go through a day at the office and suck down 3-20 oz pepsi’s without batting an eye.  Isn’t that scary?  And as of 1/1/09, I haven’t had any pop!  I have been pepsi and pop free since the 1st.  I think the hardest thing for me has been, when you go out to dinner and they ask what would you like to drink, my automatic answer has always been “pepsi”.  And to change that to the word water, has been very hard.  But I’m sure with practice it will only get easier.  And the best part was that I didn’t have a caffine withdrawal headache like I thought I was going to. 

On the knitting front…I have knit on a few things here and there but no real progress to brag about.  However, I did finish a neck warmer my for oldest and am in the midst of one for my youngest.  But I have been to busy to pull out the camera.  So when I get unbusy, I will take pics and post them.

Till next time~ Dreem