Things I’ve Learned…

Here recently it seems that I have had a lot on my mind.  And have realized that I am a stronger person today than I have ever been in my life.  Mind wise…not muscle wise.  Even though, I consider my brain a muscle…it just gets its work out in a different way.

So here are a few things I’ve learned…

1.  It takes a few bites to gain a pound…but one HECK of a long time to get rid of it!

2.  I am a yarn snob and a VERY big one at that.

3.  I can qualify for a home loan ALL BY MYSELF! (now I just can’t find one I like…go figure)

4.  Getting back in shape (a shape other than round) is hard work, but well worth the effort.

5.  Sharing similar goals with someone is a nice feeling.

6.  Working towards those similar goals together is great!

7.  I have no use for mindless, negative people.

8.  Friends are blessings.  Even though they may not think so.

Those are just a few, but well worth stating.  #3 was just discovered this week.  I nearly fell over after finding out.  I did go look at a house, but it wasn’t anything near what I am looking for.  And me being me…I am VERY picky.  There is ONE specific high school that I want my girls to goto.  So where I live is in a select area and only that area.  So for now, I’ll hold off and save my money.

In knitting news…Yes, I have been knitting.  No, it’s not on ravelry…yet!  Once I find some time, some sunlight and my camera all in the same moment I will take pics.  I’ve been very busy since the beginning of the year.  I work all week and go to the gym everyday but one a week.  So life is busy.  No complaints though.  Just makes me cherish my knitting time even more.

Till next time…C-ya!