WOW! They grow up soooo fast!

Well, tonights the night.  I dropped Renae off at her 8th grade formal.  Here are a few pics I got before she disappeared with her friends into the crowd of 8th graders…

I can remember it like it was yesterday.  Tiny and in pigtails…sigh!


A Relaxing Weekend…

This weekend has been soooo relaxing.  I have done absolutely nothing and it feels awesome!  I had forgotten what it feels like to enjoy a day to myself and do what I want to do.  No running kids to practice, laundry, anything.  It has been real nice to kick back and enjoy this weekend.  Even though my weekend didn’t start until Sunday since I had to work the yarn shop on Saturday.  Which was pure hell since the air conditioner didn’t work and I sat in 82+ degree heat all day long…YUCK!!!   But yesterday I lounged around all day.  Finish one little project and took pics and have decided to look for something else to get into.  So without further ado…

This is Sheldon.  I followed the pattern completely.  The cool thing about this Sheldon is that he has rattles in him since he’s for a baby.  I’m sure he’ll be a hit.

Over the last few years from working at a yarn shop and having awesome discounts available to me I have collected quite a stash of yarn.  So I’m going to TRY and be a good yarn hoarder and use something from my stash.  Now I just can’t decide what the next project should be.  I keep going back and forth between a cardy for me or the bee fields shawl.  I just can’t decide.  Part of the problem is that I can’t make up my mind on what cardy I like the best.  Either the B-Side Cardigan or Coraline but I just can’t make up my mind.  I have a bag of Elsbeth Lavold’s silky wool in a gorgeous red colorway and need to find something awesome for it to be.

Ok, back to my mitered square blanket for now…bye!

Been so busy I haven’t had time to…

Think, knit, or even blog.  I feel like all I do is run.  Between my full time job, my part time job, 2 girls in softball, and a very busy May.  I have had barely any time to myself.  And let’s not forget squeezing a workout in almost every day.  Finding time to sleep is even a chore anymore.  Hurry up summer!  Then at least things will move a little slower for a bit.  I have also been house hunting and with the school levy failing, I just don’t know what I’m going to do now.  I’m hoping they put an emergency ballot up in August and it passes.  My girls father said he is going to vote against the levy.  He said he can’t afford for the taxes to go up.  My whole thought process on this is….  If you have children in the schools and their education/extra ciricullar activities are involved…you vote yes.  A whopping $300 a year in taxes on a $100,000 home is basically a $30 dinner per month.  So stay home one time out of the many times you go out in a month and you have paid the additional tax money.  I am still having a hard time understanding why the high schools need 3 and 4 principles and multiple vice principles.  Or why more than 2 counselors are ever needed.  Yes, they do have busy jobs and yes it requires many hours, but c’mon! You’re a salary based employee and knew this when you took the job.  DEAL WITH IT!  or, find a new occupation!

I could go on and on about this for hours.  I’ll save you the headache.  Sorry, just needed to vent a little.

Here soon I’ll have pics of a cute little friend I have made for my mom to give to a friend for their new baby boy.  And share with you the fun I have had this weekend with my mom and our adventure of the new dishwasher vs. US!

For now, I have to run and take the kids to get softball pics taken.