A Relaxing Weekend…

This weekend has been soooo relaxing.  I have done absolutely nothing and it feels awesome!  I had forgotten what it feels like to enjoy a day to myself and do what I want to do.  No running kids to practice, laundry, anything.  It has been real nice to kick back and enjoy this weekend.  Even though my weekend didn’t start until Sunday since I had to work the yarn shop on Saturday.  Which was pure hell since the air conditioner didn’t work and I sat in 82+ degree heat all day long…YUCK!!!   But yesterday I lounged around all day.  Finish one little project and took pics and have decided to look for something else to get into.  So without further ado…

This is Sheldon.  I followed the pattern completely.  The cool thing about this Sheldon is that he has rattles in him since he’s for a baby.  I’m sure he’ll be a hit.

Over the last few years from working at a yarn shop and having awesome discounts available to me I have collected quite a stash of yarn.  So I’m going to TRY and be a good yarn hoarder and use something from my stash.  Now I just can’t decide what the next project should be.  I keep going back and forth between a cardy for me or the bee fields shawl.  I just can’t decide.  Part of the problem is that I can’t make up my mind on what cardy I like the best.  Either the B-Side Cardigan or Coraline but I just can’t make up my mind.  I have a bag of Elsbeth Lavold’s silky wool in a gorgeous red colorway and need to find something awesome for it to be.

Ok, back to my mitered square blanket for now…bye!


1 Comment (+add yours?)

  1. Abby
    May 26, 2009 @ 12:24:54

    I vote for Coraline!

    How many Sheldons is that now?? 5? lol

    The shop wasn’t as hot on Sunday but still pretty hot (it was okay if you didn’t move much!).


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