Life as usual…sigh (lol)

So, life has been typical. Busy as usual. Keeping up with my girls, working, working out, and squeezing a little knitting in here and there. I finally had a moment where it was beautiful outside and my camera wasn’t dead so I took a couple of pics of my Aeolian Shawl. The color is off in the pics. I tried my hardest to get it to come out true-er to what it really is…but that was obviously impossible. This is malabrigo lace weight in the colorway: Vaa. Words cannot describe how awesome this green is with its many shades greens and some blues in it. I have also added beads. I cannot wait to get this completed and blocked just to see how pretty it will be.

In Halloween tradition, my girls and I carved some pumpkins. They turned out great! I love all of them. I am very proud of my girls and the great job they did on their pumpkins. Here they are…

This is Renae’s….who’s peeking through YOUR blinds?

and here’s Elizabeth’s. I like how this one turned out.

And here are the 2 that I did. The neighbors got a kick out of all of them. Surprisingly, they didn’t get smashed or stolen. Especially since we weren’t home to pass out candy.

In other news, I just got the yarn to start another big project, for me! Stay tuned to find out what I have decided to make. (don’t you just love it when your left wondering what it is? I DO! )

Until next time….hopefully not to long this time. Bye!


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  1. Cath
    Nov 05, 2009 @ 19:24:34

    Your Aeolian Shawl is looking beautiful. I love those carved pumpkins.

    Ok spill it…. What is your new yarn and project?


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