A little preview…

Ok, I left my last post with a bit of a cliff hanger.  So I’ve been working on this new project and decided I would post a few pics…

Project Pic1


The color is off (as usual here lately) and this is Knit Picks, Wool of the Andies in the colorway Heathered Cobblestone.  A nice dark heathery grey.  I’ve dreamed of someday knitting this pattern and wished the book was still in print.  So after a long crusade of searching for the book in libraries and on ebay and such.  A very sweet friend was able to get her hands on a copy of the book and share the wealth.  She is actually the one who started my love of knitting, we’ll call her my “enabler”.  She’s probably most proud of that title, as a friend, I know I would be.  So more or less as a knit a long, we are both making ourselves this same knit.  Except, she’s knitting hers as a sweater and I’m turning mine into a cardi.  I’ll get more wear out of it that way.  So have you figured out what it is yet?  It’s Ms. Starmore’s St. Brigid.

In other news, the school district I live in…their levy passed.  Which means my freshman will get to goto band camp next year and experience the TRUE marching band fun.  My girls are just so much fun to be with.  Here is a pic of Renae with her grandma at her annual ROTC inspection.










Aren’t they just the cutest?  Well,  I think so!  Ok, back to working on my St. Brigid.

C-ya!  Dreem