Happy Twenty Ten!

Wow!  Another year has come and gone.  And life has been busy.  I haven’t been able to knit as much as I would have liked to, but I haven’t had time.  And when I had the time, I was usually tired.  December 2009 decided to gift me a lovely illness that lasted nearly 2 weeks.  I lost my voice, couldn’t hear for a day and just felt like mud.  December also decided to be a memorable month in another way.  It’s the month my computer decided to die.  I have a MacBook.  I LOVE my MacBook.  And when something wasn’t working correctly I decided to make an appointment to meet with a tech at the “genius bar”.  After a few preliminary tests on my computer it was discovered that my hard drive was failing.  I was told that my 80g hard drive would be replaced by a 160g hard drive FOR FREE.  Also, my keyboard top had a small crack in the front, a stress fracture is what it was, from where you rest your hands when typing…replaced FOR FREE.  And my monitor was starting to flicker when opening my laptop, just from the daily use my MacBook gets…replaced FOR FREE.  I honestly wanted to take the tech guy home and put a bow on his head and put him under my tree.  The bonus was, he was a cutie!  The only bad and sad thing about this whole experience was I lost everything that was on my hard drive.  Pictures, music, patterns, documents, everything.  The only thing I’m really sad  about is losing my pictures.  I’m just glad that I usually put my favorite pics on flickr or emailed them out and they are in my sent folder.

As for knitting content…I am still working on my mitered square blanket.  I haven’t picked it up in a while so it’s not growing at all right now.  I also have the Aeolian shawl that is in progress.  It’s closer to being done but it’s sitting off to the side too.  And the other project that I have going on is my St. Brigid cardi.  Yes, I said cardi!  I’m converting it into a cardi because I’ll get more wear out of it that way.  Now, let’s just hope it fits.  lol

I hope to post more this year.  It seems I was absent alot last year.  Maybe that will be my new years resolution.

TTFN, me