Temporary “house” blog :)

So, as I said before.  I now own a house.  And here’s a picture of it.  (I stole it from the auditors site, it was taken in 2008)

Now keep in mind, I bought a HUD home.  So, that means….1.  I got a GREAT price on it, 2. It came “AS IS”, and 3.  I’m taking it day by day with whatever the house dishes out.

First things first…The back yard was over grown and the fence was hidden with about 2-3 feet of over grown honeysuckle and lots more.  Here’s what it used to look like…

Now, here’s what it looks like after my mom worked her butt off on it…

One of the biggest things that bothered me about this house was in the upstairs bathroom.  My home, like many others in my complex have a wall mounted toilet.  Sort of like what you would expect if you went to a movie theater, or maybe a sporting event.  I call it the “gravity defying” toilet.  Now don’t get me wrong, I would use it if it were at a stadium if I had to go.  But having it in my house???  No way!  Also, I had hired a contractor to come in and repair my floor.  It looked like the floor was rotting away right by the tub, between the tub and the toilet.  When the contractor got in there and took a closer look, he realized that the leak was the toilet, not the lack of closing the shower curtain while showering.  Sooooo, it had to come off the wall to find to problem.  Guess what???  It was the toilet.  Which is a good and bad thing.  Yay! It’s the “gravity defying” toilet and yay it could be re-routed to become a floor mount toilet…Boo! for spending more money.  Oh well, that’s usually how it works.  And right now, I’m thinking of the resale value it will give me.  Here are some picks of the work in progress.

As you can see from the title, for now…it’s my renovation blog.  Something I can look back on and be proud of.  I’m hoping to move into my house in August and settle in comfortably.  There are many things my house needs and attention to detail is one of them.  So my knitting will be gently packed away to be opened at a later date.  It is my incentive to get things done.  But my “honey do” list is long and it’s just me, my girls, and my mom.  So what if things happen at a slower pace.  It’s my house and it WILL get done 🙂  There will be plenty of pictures to come.  All I’ll say for now is…WALLPAPER REMOVAL!!!  Ack!!!