Seems like yesterday…

It’s hard to believe that 17 years ago I gave birth to a beautiful baby girl.  She is now one the best kids I know.  She’s smart, funny, mature, and very responsible.  She has a good head on her shoulders and will go far in life. 

This morning, her father and I met at the high school and decorated her car for her birthday.  Here’s a peek…


We filled her car full of balloons, her little sister wrote on the windows, her dad poured confetti all over inside (she’s going to hurt him for doing that) and then shrink wrapped her car.  And we did this in the high school parking lot.  Never got questioned by anyone.  WOW!!!

It’s been a very busy month so far.  With the banquets for band and rotc last week with Elizabeth’s trip to Washington D.C. and softball practices 2-4 hours a week for each girl we are hoping to make it through this month in one piece.  This past weekend was Prom.  Renae got invited to go by a nice young man.  They went as friends.  They made for a very nice looking pair…



My where has the time gone?  I want my little girl back…please?  It won’t be long before Elizabeth will be going to prom and growing up on me too.  Sigh…

Tonight is the last concert of the year for the high school bands.  I’m super excited to hear this awesome band!


September 2011? …WOW!!!

Ok, so I’ve been a true slacker when it comes to blogging.  But I’ve been out living my life vs. blogging about it. (giggle)  We are coming to the end of another great school year for my girls.  Renae is finishing her junior year in high school and got invited to prom.  Elizabeth is finishing her last year as a middle school student and excited to be a freshman next year.  And I, the proud mom…stand by and witness it all.  Boasting with pride and shedding a tear here and there as I start to accept that I will have a freshman and a senior in high school this coming fall…sigh.

The high school marching band has already started its practice season and both girls will be involved in it.  Renae will be the Field Commander for her senior year and Elizabeth is playing trumpet.  And I’ll be there taking pictures and crying alot.  Crying because it’s the last time for Renae and the first time for Elizabeth to do everything.  Have tissues, will travel. (sniff, sniff)

Life has been treating me good.  I have two awesome girls and life is good.  Wow, re-reading that makes life AWESOMELY GOOD!!!! 

That’s all I have for now.  There’s about 20 mins left in my work day and then it’s home to either relax, or run around looking for a small handbag or clutch for Renae’s prom dress. 

C-ya for now 🙂