Slow and Steady

So progress is being made at the house. I now have a new, shorter, water heater and my gas has been turned on. Now I have a 2 year old, tall water heater to get rid of, and have to repair the gas line on my furnace before I’m allowed to use it.

I still haven’t received my gift from the government, or the checks to pay my contractor or get my appliances. So for now, I’m paying for a house I can’t live in. Booooo!

Since I now have hot water though, I’ll be able to start washing the walls down and spackling. Along with scrubbing the basement floor since my mom ripped up all of the nasty carpet down there. The previous owners had a dog, a dog that liked to do things on carpet that OBVIOUSLY never got cleaned up correctly. Let’s just say…vacuuming the carpet, brought out the true reason why it’s essential to potty train your animals! Whew! Since most of my plans for this house are on hold due to money shortages. I have the laminate flooring for the basement, but would like to lay a sub floor to safely ventilate the floor so I don’t have mold issues later. I need to paint every room in the house, and would like to get a nice mahogany colored wood laminate for the kitchen and living room since they are the high traffic areas in the house. I also would like to replace the heating and cooling system and get new kitchen cabinets.

Yes, I dream big! Some of my wish list is a distance away, but I WILL get it done!

No pictures for now and obviously no knitting. I miss my yarn terribly! But it’s for the best. Plus it’s something to look forward to. Knitting in my house for the first time ever will be a very cherished moment for sure.

G’night 🙂


Temporary “house” blog :)

So, as I said before.  I now own a house.  And here’s a picture of it.  (I stole it from the auditors site, it was taken in 2008)

Now keep in mind, I bought a HUD home.  So, that means….1.  I got a GREAT price on it, 2. It came “AS IS”, and 3.  I’m taking it day by day with whatever the house dishes out.

First things first…The back yard was over grown and the fence was hidden with about 2-3 feet of over grown honeysuckle and lots more.  Here’s what it used to look like…

Now, here’s what it looks like after my mom worked her butt off on it…

One of the biggest things that bothered me about this house was in the upstairs bathroom.  My home, like many others in my complex have a wall mounted toilet.  Sort of like what you would expect if you went to a movie theater, or maybe a sporting event.  I call it the “gravity defying” toilet.  Now don’t get me wrong, I would use it if it were at a stadium if I had to go.  But having it in my house???  No way!  Also, I had hired a contractor to come in and repair my floor.  It looked like the floor was rotting away right by the tub, between the tub and the toilet.  When the contractor got in there and took a closer look, he realized that the leak was the toilet, not the lack of closing the shower curtain while showering.  Sooooo, it had to come off the wall to find to problem.  Guess what???  It was the toilet.  Which is a good and bad thing.  Yay! It’s the “gravity defying” toilet and yay it could be re-routed to become a floor mount toilet…Boo! for spending more money.  Oh well, that’s usually how it works.  And right now, I’m thinking of the resale value it will give me.  Here are some picks of the work in progress.

As you can see from the title, for now…it’s my renovation blog.  Something I can look back on and be proud of.  I’m hoping to move into my house in August and settle in comfortably.  There are many things my house needs and attention to detail is one of them.  So my knitting will be gently packed away to be opened at a later date.  It is my incentive to get things done.  But my “honey do” list is long and it’s just me, my girls, and my mom.  So what if things happen at a slower pace.  It’s my house and it WILL get done 🙂  There will be plenty of pictures to come.  All I’ll say for now is…WALLPAPER REMOVAL!!!  Ack!!!

So what’s the big secret?

I bought a house. Yep, that’s right. Me, a home owner. It’s been 2 yrs of searching and I finally found a deal I just couldn’t pass up. Still not much knitting going on here. I’ve been working on getting my house deal closed and now that it’s mine, I have alot of work to do on it. Pics will come soon….I PROMISE!!!

Still keepin’ the secret…

Just wanted to drop in and let my blog know that I haven’t forgotten how to log in and post something.  Here’s a quick recap of what I can tell you for now…

-Renae’s freshman year has ended and her year as a sophomore has already begun.  Marching band practice has already started.

-Elizabeth passed 6th grade and has been playing rec league softball.  She plays the positions of catcher and pitcher mainly and plays good just about anywhere the place her on the field.  Her team has only lost 1 game so far this season.  YAY!

-Knitting has been set aside for now.  For a long while now (at least that’s the way it seems).  And probably will be until my “secret” is out of the way.

-I’ve been super busy with the Band Boosters for Renae’s marching band.  I’m not an officer, but I do help however I can.  (I don’t want to be an officer, I like being invisible…lol)  I also work the Columbus Crew soccer games to help pay on Renae’s band fees.  It’s definately a great way to get to know the other parents of the band members. 

Ok, in about a week I’ll be able to share the big news.  Till then!

And it truely pays off…

It’s hard to believe that my last blog was in March.  And yet alot has happened since that last post.  More on that later…for now…

Renae just got her braces off on Tuesday, April 27th 2010.  And WOW!  Her teeth are beautiful!  Here, see for yourself…

I just can’t stop looking at her…and she just can’t stop smiling.

That’s all I have for now…stay tuned for some really cool news that’s coming soon.  Until next time…

Good night!

What a ride!!!

So I have discovered…during Renae’s freshman year in high school that life can be super busy.  So busy, that I have started many blog posts and never finished any of them.  I’ve taken lots of pictures and never had time to drop them on here.  And finding time to eat something decent is just impossible!  What I wouldn’t do for a home cooked meal right about now!!!  I honestly believe I may have gained 5-10 lbs thanks to fast food dinners.  BLAH!!!

This week is the final week for winter gaurd and Renae couldn’t be happier.  Winter guard is the flag corp that does flag routines during the winter, choreographed to music  instead of the marching band.  She had went into this expecting to learn alot of new things and thinking it was going to be fun.  Thanks to the coach and her drama, it’s not been a very nice experience.  But I do commend Renae for sticking with it and not quitting.  Even though I’ve told her many times to just walk away.

On a happier note, Renae made the JV softball team and practices are going good.  She’s currently playing 2nd base and likes it alot.  Her 1st game is less than 2 weeks away.  I can’t wait!  And then if I won’t be busy enough with that…My youngest, Elizabeth, is playing on a rec league softball team and her practices start the beginning of April too.  So if you’re near my neighborhood and see a blue streak drive by, that was probably me on a mad dash to a practice or a game.  lol

Tonight is Renae’s Spring Concert.  She’s in concert band and jazz band.  I’ll be recording it, so let’s hope I’ll have time to post some youtube links on here.  They’re pretty good.  Marching season is right around the corner!  I can’t wait to watch them perform!!!

Can you tell I’m loving every minute of my busy schedule?  When I grow up, I want to be just like my girls!  They are awesome!!!  They both are in band and are super busy all the time.  There is never a dull moment.  And they also are doing great academically. 

Maybe sometime soon I’ll be able to knit again.  I do try to make it to knit night when my schedule allows, just to hang out and see my knitty friends.  Hopefully I’ll be able to go this week. 🙂

Hope to update a little more often.


Happy Twenty Ten!

Wow!  Another year has come and gone.  And life has been busy.  I haven’t been able to knit as much as I would have liked to, but I haven’t had time.  And when I had the time, I was usually tired.  December 2009 decided to gift me a lovely illness that lasted nearly 2 weeks.  I lost my voice, couldn’t hear for a day and just felt like mud.  December also decided to be a memorable month in another way.  It’s the month my computer decided to die.  I have a MacBook.  I LOVE my MacBook.  And when something wasn’t working correctly I decided to make an appointment to meet with a tech at the “genius bar”.  After a few preliminary tests on my computer it was discovered that my hard drive was failing.  I was told that my 80g hard drive would be replaced by a 160g hard drive FOR FREE.  Also, my keyboard top had a small crack in the front, a stress fracture is what it was, from where you rest your hands when typing…replaced FOR FREE.  And my monitor was starting to flicker when opening my laptop, just from the daily use my MacBook gets…replaced FOR FREE.  I honestly wanted to take the tech guy home and put a bow on his head and put him under my tree.  The bonus was, he was a cutie!  The only bad and sad thing about this whole experience was I lost everything that was on my hard drive.  Pictures, music, patterns, documents, everything.  The only thing I’m really sad  about is losing my pictures.  I’m just glad that I usually put my favorite pics on flickr or emailed them out and they are in my sent folder.

As for knitting content…I am still working on my mitered square blanket.  I haven’t picked it up in a while so it’s not growing at all right now.  I also have the Aeolian shawl that is in progress.  It’s closer to being done but it’s sitting off to the side too.  And the other project that I have going on is my St. Brigid cardi.  Yes, I said cardi!  I’m converting it into a cardi because I’ll get more wear out of it that way.  Now, let’s just hope it fits.  lol

I hope to post more this year.  It seems I was absent alot last year.  Maybe that will be my new years resolution.

TTFN, me

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