Found One!!!

Whoo hoo! We have located a new place to call home. Moving will commence near the end of February. What fun we will have.

Unfortunately, I did not take a picture of the sock that I had almost done (I should of though). It looked really good for a first attempt….honest. But when I went to try it on, it didn’t fit me. And I decided that I was going to be selfish for once and make something for me. So I frogged the whole thing and started all over. It seems like no matter what I do, when I say I’m going to start all over and Miss Tonia has also started on a sock at the same time…the next day when we compare our progress that I’m only 20 rows into my sock and she’s at the heel. That’s what I get when I sit for 20 minutes and then get busy with everything else. Lucky Miss Tonia has all the time in the world compared to me (at least it seems to be that way). Oh well, soon enough I will be able to…that is after February’s over.

Ok, off I go. Back to work. I promise to take a picture of this sock once I get a few more rows done….honest. That is once I can do a few more rows in between packing. C-ya.


I finally found something to get into!!!

Ok, it’s been a week and I have finally found something to knit. I decided to start a pair of socks. I’ll put pics in tomorrow, maybe. But so far so good…at least I think it looks like a start of a good sock. And right now, that’s all that matters. But since it is the first one I really don’t know what it’s going to turn out like or who it will fit. For all I know the dog may have to wear it when I’m done. My oldest daughter asked me who I was making it for and the only answer I could come up with is….whoever it fits! She just giggled and walked away.

Well, I have discovered that it’s time to venture out onto my own. So, I will pack all of my goodies and relocate. Won’t be far from where I am now but it will be just me and my girls and a few of the animals, of coarse a very dear friend of mine and her girls are possibly going to join me in my adventure. It will be fun. Then we will have a place to call our own and all of our kids will be in a safe school. But more about that later. We’ve got to find a place first…and fast.

I really don’t have much more going on in my life at this point in time, but only time will tell. I will write later. C-ya.

Another boring day

Well, it’s almost Friday and I cannot wait. I still am at a stand still as to what to knit next. I want to make a big comfy sweater but I’m going through a picky stage. Nothing sounds good. Maybe once I get my groove back after the bomb that just blew up in my lap, all will be good. As of right now, I need to move on to bigger and better things. A new life with my girls and animals will do me well. I am trying to be optimistic and oversee all challenges that are headed my way. I think once I overcome this point in my life I will be fine. So I am diving in full force. Wish me luck.

Just A Few More Pics

I had a little time this morning and decided to pull the camera out and take a few more pics of the animals in my family.

This is Gypsy, she is a Congo African Grey and she’s about 11 months old. She isn’t saying words yet but she can mimmick just about any noise in the house. She does a great Nextel 2-way sound, and she almost has the theme to Andy Griffith nailed. She also plays tricks on the Bruiser and sounds just like his sqeaky toy and sends him barrelling through the room. She is very intelligent. Needless to say that I have had to put a lock from the outside of her cage on every door because she can open them all.

And this is Sunny, she is a cockateil and she’s about 1 yr and 3 months old. Because she is a female means she won’t p/u many sounds so she just tweets. But she’s really good. Everyone in the family can hold her and pet her.

As you can tell I love my animals.

Well, once I figure out what I want to knit next I’ll post it. But for now I’m stuck in a rutt…but not for long. I need to keep my mind busy as this will be a very challenging next couple of months. Wish me luck. Oh, yeah. Almost forgot. Happy New Year!