Central Park Hoodie

This is my first ever completed sweater. This is the “before blocking” picture. I used Encore worsted weight as it is completely washable and dryable. This is the only way my mom will accept it. And since it is a Christmas gift for her…that’s the way I made it. I now am searching for the perfect buttons and once it’s blocked and the buttons are sewn on I will wrap it. (That way I don’t get any crazy ideas to give it to her early). Here are the pictures of the front and back. Enjoy! I am currently working more Christmas gifts. I will post pics of those as I finish them.

Still haven’t heard from my Harvest Sock Swap pal yet???



Sleeve Island

Wow! I feel as if I have been knitting sleeves forever! After this I don’t think I will ever complain about having Second Sock Syndrome again. I have completed my first sleeve…obviously since it’s pictured in my previous post and am working on my second one. I am now a little over half way done. Thank goodness we only have 2 arms. If we had anymore I’d have to hang it up. This is on my Central Park Hoodie. I definately want to finish it before the KAL is cut off on December 15th. Plus the fact that it is a present makes it even more important. I have planned to start many other projects but have put them on hold as I want my knitting mojo for my CPH.

In other news, I have graphed out a sock pattern and now just need to test knit it to make sure what I put on paper looks the way I want it to on the real thing. I never thought that little ‘ol me could ever do such a thing. Hmmmm, I wonder what else I can get into??? This thought may have to wait a little bit since I have Christmas gifts galore to make. Some knit and some sewn…if I get that far.

I am still working on my a few small things for my Harvest Sock Swap pal. I hope she enjoys them. And have yet to hear from mine. Maybe someday soon though. (sigh)


Okay, here’s the pumpkin pics

First off, I’ll show you the one’s my girls did…

Sorry that it’s a bit blurry but this is Elizabeth’s. She carved the whole thing all by herself. I was so proud of her. Especially since she is only 8 yrs old.

And here is Renae’s. Again, sorry for the blurry
pic. I was having trouble keeping the camera still for some reason. With a little help on the teeth she did everything else herself. I am also proud of her for such a good job.

And here are the 2 that I did…

And here are a few pics of the sky that I took last weekend.

The first picture reminds me of a ripple in water. It looked really neat in person.

And here is an update on my CPH.

One sleeve down, one sleeve to go. Then it will be onto the hood and then the finishing touches. I’m getting closer every day. YAY!!!

Still waiting to hear from my Harvest Sock Swap pal. Still nothing 😦


An anonymous blogger sent this to me…

Your CPH looks great. Quicky question tho – I’m casting on the left front in the largest size and the directions don’t give me a ribbed hem, but rather a weird moss/seed hem – did you have this problem?

Thank you for the compliment on my CPH. The problem I believe you are having is that if you are starting on the right side with a K2, P2…when you turn to the wrong side you are still doing a K2, P2 instead of doing a P2, K2 on the wrong side. To correct the error make sure that on the RS you are K2, P2 and the WS you are P2, K2. This will line the ribbing up instead of making a weird moss looking thing. Happy frogging ;D

I will get to a computer that likes my camera this weekend and post pumpkin pics. They turned out real good.

I am still waiting to hear from my Harvest Sock Swap pal. Anybody? Hello?

and I’ll post more updates of my CPH.