2012 Almost Over

Words cannot express just how much of a whirlwind this year has been.  Just like every year, it’s had its ups and downs.  More ups than downs thankfully.  I have 2 awesome kids and 1 crazy awesome mom!  I don’t know where I would be without the 3 of them.  This is Renae’s senior year in high school and it’s just zooming by.  And it’s hard to believe that my high school freshman, Elizabeth is just days away from turning 15 yrs old.

When I started this blog, what feels like so many years ago, it was mainly about knitting.  Knitting is something I learned from a dear friend that has many talents that she has shared with me through the years.  It was something that took me out of my stressful mind (at the time) and gave me relaxation.  And as my confidence in knitting increased, so did the diffuculty of the project.  After all…it’s just yarn.  Right?  If I didn’t like the look of it, I just ripped it out and started all over.  It’s part of the beauty of knitting :) 

It’s been almost 3 years since I have dedicated myself to my knitting.  Yes, sad…I know.  But who would of imagined that having high school daughters would be so involved?  Not me!  I thought I was doing the right thing by occupy my mind with knitting as a way to keep me busy because they would always be gone at school doing something.  Not only are my girls involved in the school, so am I.  I have band kids.  And I am very active in the boosters organization.  I would of never imagined in my lifetime that I would of been voted into an officers position, let alone carry the title of Treasurer.  This year we (the band) get the honor of traveling to Disney in March 2013.  The kids will be marching in the electric light parade.  I’ve never been, so this will be an exciting experience.  And the fact that there’s a great group of chaperones going, will make for a fun trip on the bus.

In other news…  I was laid off from my job of 19 years on November 16th, 2012.  That same day, I was given some information and 2 interviews later I was hired December 17th, 2012 at my new job.  I’m in the same industry, doing alot of the same things I was doing before.  The people are great!  As is everything else!!!  Life is great and I couldn’t be happier.  Bring on the new year!!! :)

Seems like yesterday…

It’s hard to believe that 17 years ago I gave birth to a beautiful baby girl.  She is now one the best kids I know.  She’s smart, funny, mature, and very responsible.  She has a good head on her shoulders and will go far in life. 

This morning, her father and I met at the high school and decorated her car for her birthday.  Here’s a peek…


We filled her car full of balloons, her little sister wrote on the windows, her dad poured confetti all over inside (she’s going to hurt him for doing that) and then shrink wrapped her car.  And we did this in the high school parking lot.  Never got questioned by anyone.  WOW!!!

It’s been a very busy month so far.  With the banquets for band and rotc last week with Elizabeth’s trip to Washington D.C. and softball practices 2-4 hours a week for each girl we are hoping to make it through this month in one piece.  This past weekend was Prom.  Renae got invited to go by a nice young man.  They went as friends.  They made for a very nice looking pair…



My where has the time gone?  I want my little girl back…please?  It won’t be long before Elizabeth will be going to prom and growing up on me too.  Sigh…

Tonight is the last concert of the year for the high school bands.  I’m super excited to hear this awesome band!

September 2011? …WOW!!!

Ok, so I’ve been a true slacker when it comes to blogging.  But I’ve been out living my life vs. blogging about it. (giggle)  We are coming to the end of another great school year for my girls.  Renae is finishing her junior year in high school and got invited to prom.  Elizabeth is finishing her last year as a middle school student and excited to be a freshman next year.  And I, the proud mom…stand by and witness it all.  Boasting with pride and shedding a tear here and there as I start to accept that I will have a freshman and a senior in high school this coming fall…sigh.

The high school marching band has already started its practice season and both girls will be involved in it.  Renae will be the Field Commander for her senior year and Elizabeth is playing trumpet.  And I’ll be there taking pictures and crying alot.  Crying because it’s the last time for Renae and the first time for Elizabeth to do everything.  Have tissues, will travel. (sniff, sniff)

Life has been treating me good.  I have two awesome girls and life is good.  Wow, re-reading that makes life AWESOMELY GOOD!!!! 

That’s all I have for now.  There’s about 20 mins left in my work day and then it’s home to either relax, or run around looking for a small handbag or clutch for Renae’s prom dress. 

C-ya for now :)

Yes, I’m still alive!

Holy Cow where has the time gone? It’s already September and the year is almost over.

Let’s see, where to begin…This school year I have an 8th grader and a Junior in HS. Yes, that’s right…I said JUNIOR! I feel so old. Who is a licensed driver by the way. I still have my reservations over her driving but it sure is handy when I have to be in 3 places at once. LOL!

Marching Band season has started back up and Renae is the Field Commander this year. Kinda makes it hard for photo ops, since she has her back to the audience. So I have to grab every opportunity I can.

Here’s a glimpse of her before she climbs onto her podium. Can we say Proud Mom? YEP!

I can’t wait until next year when both of my girls are in the band together. I’ll be a drippy mess. A Senior and a Freshman mom all at once. Sniff, sniff.

Well, I thought I’d drop in and let the world know I’m still kickin’. Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to get ready to head to the Columbus Crew game. Gotta work with the band boosters and earn that band some money!

Until next time…C-ya

Stuck in a rut!

So here it is, 2011 and I have yet to make any New Year’s resolutions let alone try to live up to any of them if I made them.  There are many things I have on my plate and so little time to do any of them.  Having motivation to do them would help too. 

Currently, I’m having an inner battle with myself about trying to get up really early to go to the gym and workout.  In my head, it sounds like a great plan and I know I’ll feel SO MUCH BETTER if I would just do it.  But then there’s that part of me that see’s the reality of it.  It’s freezing outside and I can sleep in, plus the thought of being sore just doesn’t sound fun.  But I know for a fact that I would have SO MUCH MORE energy if I just bit the bullet and went.  In order to accomplish this, I would have to get up about 4:30-4:35 and head to the gym so I could be back home by 6:15 or so to get ready for work.

I plan to get back on task with this whole gym thing soon.  I’m just being a little bull-headed right now about it.  Besides…..IT’S FREAKIN FREEZING OUT THERE!!!!

I miss my knitting :(

Since I have purchased my home, I’ve set aside my knitting and been steadily working on my house. From yard debris, to tearing things down and/or out and putting new stuff in. This year has been a very UN-knitty year for me. I hope that in the new year, I’ll be able to set aside some time for me and my yarn.

I really miss it. The only time I get to knit currently is during my lunch hour if I’m not running errands which usually are….shopping for “house” stuff.

In the new year, I need to make yarn time.

Slow and Steady

So progress is being made at the house. I now have a new, shorter, water heater and my gas has been turned on. Now I have a 2 year old, tall water heater to get rid of, and have to repair the gas line on my furnace before I’m allowed to use it.

I still haven’t received my gift from the government, or the checks to pay my contractor or get my appliances. So for now, I’m paying for a house I can’t live in. Booooo!

Since I now have hot water though, I’ll be able to start washing the walls down and spackling. Along with scrubbing the basement floor since my mom ripped up all of the nasty carpet down there. The previous owners had a dog, a dog that liked to do things on carpet that OBVIOUSLY never got cleaned up correctly. Let’s just say…vacuuming the carpet, brought out the true reason why it’s essential to potty train your animals! Whew! Since most of my plans for this house are on hold due to money shortages. I have the laminate flooring for the basement, but would like to lay a sub floor to safely ventilate the floor so I don’t have mold issues later. I need to paint every room in the house, and would like to get a nice mahogany colored wood laminate for the kitchen and living room since they are the high traffic areas in the house. I also would like to replace the heating and cooling system and get new kitchen cabinets.

Yes, I dream big! Some of my wish list is a distance away, but I WILL get it done!

No pictures for now and obviously no knitting. I miss my yarn terribly! But it’s for the best. Plus it’s something to look forward to. Knitting in my house for the first time ever will be a very cherished moment for sure.

G’night :)

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