So my oldest, Renae just got her upper braces and a palette expander. Once the expander starts doing its job then she will get the wires added. She was very excited (so was I)! She couldn’t sleep last night because she was sooooo excited. And just so I have a before pic….here goes.


So this is the start of a 2 year process. The palette expander stays in for 6 months (or so) and then many fun events will soon follow. I’m sure this is only the beginning of the pics you will see.

Thanks, Dreem


Ok, update with pics…

So just to update with some pics…

Here is my oldest, Renae, holding her trophy after winning her championship game.

Finland Electric Champ 2008

Mud and all. This was (as I said before) an AWESOME game!!!

And here are some pics of the sample sock that I knit up for the shop. This yarn is called Happy Choices. It comes prenknit in a scarf and you unravel and knit from it. Neat concept…

Happy Choices

and here…

Happy Choices yarn

And here is the sock that I knit for the shop.

Happy Choices Store Sample

And I’ll leave you with one last pic…here is Buttons, one of the 2 kittens that my mother has nursed back to health and will soon be getting fixed and finding a good home (hopefully). Enjoy!


We Are The Champions!!!

So the final softball tournament game was 7/12/08. The game started at 5:30 in the afternoon and that’s about when the sky started looking a little dark. During the game we were poured on, forced off the field for a 15 min break since lightening was in the area and then more rain. In the final inning we needed 5 to tie and 6 to win…and we won! Final score? 15 to 14! In the pouring rain and all. I will add pics later of my little champion and her trophy…mud and all.

It was an awesome game and both teams played hard! There were many tears from the other team as trophies were handed out. All players of both teams wanted it bad, and with a final score of 15-14 it definately shows. GREAT GAME!

In knitting news…

I finished knitting a store sample sock and will post pics soon.

I am also working on an alphabet baby blanket for a friend and will post pics of it soon too.

Sorry didn’t bring my camera with me today….chill! ok!

Softball season coming to an end

So the official last “makeup” game of the season was on Monday. Thanks to all of the rain this season it made for a lot of makeup games. But we ended on a high note. We are ranked #2 in the league. So tonight is the start of the Championship Tournament. And as long as rain does not interfere, it will be everynight for the rest of the week into the weekend as long as the girls keep winning.

And now starts rec league cheerleading. From one thing to another. Both girls are in it and practices are on different nights of the week for each girl which keeps me and their dad hopping. And then add in the fact that my 13 year old is at the start of getting braces. I don’t save much money in gas with all of the running I do. And then at the end of this month is sign ups for volleyball and Renae might join that too. No rest for the wicked…sigh.

Ok, back to knitting my cardi. I’ve finally hit the armpit area and have divided it out to start the fronts and back. Not liking how that pattern is so I’m improvising a bit. Hope it turns out. (me crossing fingers and wishing for the best).

C-ya, Dreem