So what’s the big secret?

I bought a house. Yep, that’s right. Me, a home owner. It’s been 2 yrs of searching and I finally found a deal I just couldn’t pass up. Still not much knitting going on here. I’ve been working on getting my house deal closed and now that it’s mine, I have alot of work to do on it. Pics will come soon….I PROMISE!!!


Still keepin’ the secret…

Just wanted to drop in and let my blog know that I haven’t forgotten how to log in and post something.  Here’s a quick recap of what I can tell you for now…

-Renae’s freshman year has ended and her year as a sophomore has already begun.  Marching band practice has already started.

-Elizabeth passed 6th grade and has been playing rec league softball.  She plays the positions of catcher and pitcher mainly and plays good just about anywhere the place her on the field.  Her team has only lost 1 game so far this season.  YAY!

-Knitting has been set aside for now.  For a long while now (at least that’s the way it seems).  And probably will be until my “secret” is out of the way.

-I’ve been super busy with the Band Boosters for Renae’s marching band.  I’m not an officer, but I do help however I can.  (I don’t want to be an officer, I like being invisible…lol)  I also work the Columbus Crew soccer games to help pay on Renae’s band fees.  It’s definately a great way to get to know the other parents of the band members. 

Ok, in about a week I’ll be able to share the big news.  Till then!