Life as usual…sigh (lol)

So, life has been typical. Busy as usual. Keeping up with my girls, working, working out, and squeezing a little knitting in here and there. I finally had a moment where it was beautiful outside and my camera wasn’t dead so I took a couple of pics of my Aeolian Shawl. The color is off in the pics. I tried my hardest to get it to come out true-er to what it really is…but that was obviously impossible. This is malabrigo lace weight in the colorway: Vaa. Words cannot describe how awesome this green is with its many shades greens and some blues in it. I have also added beads. I cannot wait to get this completed and blocked just to see how pretty it will be.

In Halloween tradition, my girls and I carved some pumpkins. They turned out great! I love all of them. I am very proud of my girls and the great job they did on their pumpkins. Here they are…

This is Renae’s….who’s peeking through YOUR blinds?

and here’s Elizabeth’s. I like how this one turned out.

And here are the 2 that I did. The neighbors got a kick out of all of them. Surprisingly, they didn’t get smashed or stolen. Especially since we weren’t home to pass out candy.

In other news, I just got the yarn to start another big project, for me! Stay tuned to find out what I have decided to make. (don’t you just love it when your left wondering what it is? I DO! )

Until next time….hopefully not to long this time. Bye!


Yep, still kickin’

I just can’t believe how fast life goes sometimes. You blink and *POOF* it’s October! So I’m starting to feel the knitting mojo again and have picked up my Aeolian Shawl and have been working on it. Because it has beads, it takes me about 45 mins per front row. So I try to squeeze a row in every lunch hour. So far so good 🙂 I should have pics soon. I tried to take some earlier this week, but I was in a rush and they turned out crappy. Sooooo, retakes will commence soon.

I have decided that my mitered square blanket is going to be my life long project. I love it! But HOLY COW!!! it gets boring doing the same thing for 80 squares. So I pick it up from time to time and work on it. Once it’s done it will be gorgeous!!!

I have a few other projects I want to start but have put them aside for now. I want to finish my shawl first.

In other yarnie news…since I’ve learned to knit, I have acquired a yarn stash….I know….DUH!!!! And then working at Heavenly Creations for over a year I had access to alot of yarn at great prices. So my stash grew even bigger. Well…..on my Ravelry stash I have had this ball of Helen’s Lace in the Aslan colorway up for sale. Well, someone finally bought it, mailed me a check (that I’ll be putting in the bank today) and then I’ll ship it out once the check clears. So I knew the check would be coming and the time was nearing for me to ship this out. So last night I went to pull the ball of lace out. I couldn’t remember where I put it so I peaked at my Rav Stash notes and it says it’s in the tote. **thinks to self*** okay, I know where the tote is….pick up tote….dump it on my bed….dig through pile of sock yarn and lace… I CAN’T FIND IT!!! (GASP) So I put everything back in the tote and go get the 3 giant baskets of yarn in my room and procede to dump them one by one and go through them….NOTHING!!! I STILL CAN’T FIND IT!!! So I am now in my closet pulling bag upon bag of yarn out (gosh there’s alot) and then I dump them all out and still…NO HELEN’S LACE!!! (gulp)

So I sit on the floor (since the bed has been eaten by yarn) to think. Where on earth did this ball of yarn goto. By the end of the night (11:30 p.m.) I have completely cleaned my room, reorganized my yarn , and tidied up my closet. Surrendurring for the night after reclaiming my bed, I hop up to walk to the living room and stop. The thought hits me to look in the desk….the sewing desk. So as quiet as I can, here I am…opening and going through all of the drawers in the desk. There are 10 long, deep drawers on this bad boy. In drawer #8…there it is! The ball of Helen’s Lace I have searched alllllll night for. Whew! I wonder how it got there? Maybe Fred the ghost thought it would be funny to play a joke on me. I’m just glad I found it.

So now I have come to realize:
1. My room was out of control!
2. It only takes one ball of hidden yarn to get me to clean my disaster of a room
3. I have 6 bags (or more) of 6 different colors of yarn to make sweaters
4. I need a new organization method to store my yarn